UN agencies frame guidelines to resume educational institutes safely

YDNews| School May 13- Amid these testing times, the closure of the educational institutes have risen the unprecedented risk to the education and wellbeing of the children. However, UN agencies are aware... Read more »
A beautiful love story of Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez's romantic song Tere Bina!

Tere Bina – a beautiful love story of Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez’s romance!

YDNews| Salman Khan Romantic Song Salman Khan’s Tere Bina finally premiered and his chemistry with the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandes is adorably cute. Tere Bina is Trending number 1 on Youtube. “Salman Khan’s... Read more »
Salman Khan Song Tere Bina

Salman Khan song Tere Bina teaser: Actor admires Jaqueline Fernandes, spills magic all around

YDNews| Salman Khan song Tere Bina Salman Khan song: With the absence of the latest movies, your favorite daily soaps, and songs of your most adorable singers, the whole industry is missing... Read more »
Hotel Savoy Mussoorie: Its historic presence and beauty

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie: The story of the first hotel in India

YDNews|Hotel Savoy Mussoorie Mussoorie: Knowing the history of the country you live in is always a good thing, it makes you more aware and respectful towards the people and traditions involved in... Read more »
Savoy saga of an icon

Savoy-Saga of an Icon, a powerful documentary made around the history of Mussoorie

YDNews| Savoy Saga of an Icon The film industry in India is moving towards more content-driven scripts and tries to present something that is based on reality more than fiction. Apart from... Read more »
Arun Kumar, man who willingly got coronavirus injected in himself

Arun Kumar, man who willingly got coronavirus injected in himself

YDNews| Arun Kumar You might not willingly want to get infected with this contagious disease known as coronavirus but guess what, an Indian willingly decided to get infected with the coronavirus. We... Read more »
Foods to eat for getting healthy hair

Hair problems & root cause of it| Problems, solutions, recommendations & expert advice

Hair is considered to be the jewel of a person’s life, you can give up on anything but no compromise with the hair. Whether it is a male or a female, hair... Read more »
FActory of Shakunt Enterprises pvt Limited in Ludhiana

Shakunt Enterprises Pvt. Limited| World-class welding solutions and products provider in India

Shakunt Enterprises Pvt. Limited has expertise in providing world-class welding solutions. They manufacture welding consumables such as MIG, MAG, TIG Welding Wire, and Flux Cored Wires. As a standard policy, they provide... Read more »

Cool drinks and juices to keep you fresh in hot & tiring summer

YDNews| Cool drinks Well the summer is on full swing, and it has already made us look and feel more tiring and unfresh, we need something to keep us alive, fresh and... Read more »
50 shades of Rishi Kapoor: From Bobby to Agneepath, a film journey!

50 shades of Rishi Kapoor: From Bobby to Agneepath, a film journey!

YDNews| Rishi Kapoor An actor who gave millions of colors to the Bollywood industry and gave us a scope of entertainment with funny, dramatic, heroic, suspense characters, and an actor who was... Read more »