Too much digital strain on eyes? Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Digital strain on eyes: Digitalisation has given a lot of opportunities and career uplifts, however, at the price of one’s health levels. No one is unaware of the toll that digital screens take on our body parts, especially our eyes. Since computers, mobile phones and other technological devices are a must for every job in the world, sitting in front of them tends to give us eye pain and discomfort which is addressed as eye strain. In the medical field, this problem is known as asthenopia. No matter what age group, eye strain is common among all.

Even though digital engagement starts taking place at an early age for children, it tends to continue to old age which can lead to serious eye problems. If you have been facing the same issue but you are ignoring it, it’s time to take good care of your eyes, so that you can save them from the strain and give them the comfort they deserve. Eye strain is thought of as a common or should we say, minor problem.

What are the symptoms of Eye Strain?

  • You may experience Double Vision
  • Frequent Headache is also a serious symptom of eye strain
  • Blurring Vision is another symptom
  • Watery or dry eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Pain in the back, shoulders and around the shoulders

Here are some of the unusual symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention are:

  • Persistent eye pain
  • Pain with a burning sensation in the eyes
  • Persistent severe headache

The strain is thought to be resolved when you rest your eyes for some time, but the truth says the opposite. You take a lot of work from your eyes, and extra work means extra care. But some people are still unaware of the signs of eye strain.

What are the top signs of digital strain on eyes?

Watery Eyes

Some people have regularly watery eyes which is a wake-up call for you to take care of. Usually, watery eyes are due to eye fatigue. This problem is a sign that your eyes need rest. If you face this issue, stop your work for some time and let your eyes rest.


If you work on your computer for long hours and you have frequent headaches, it means that your eyes are tired. Furthermore, if you have weak eyesight, then also there might be a headache. However, if headaches occur for a long time, we suggest that you see a doctor. Headache is a symptom of many problems, therefore, don’t avoid checkups.

Burning Sensation in Eyes

Sometimes, when the eyes are tired, there is a burning sensation that you should not ignore. Commonly when people work in front of the screen for a long time, they start feeling a burning sensation in their eyes. Also when they passed by dust or debris your eyes can also experience irritation, which can lead to a burning sensation. If you are facing this problem, then you should consider washing your eyes with cool water. However, if the problem continues, you should see an eye specialist.

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Dry Eye Problem

Usually, the dryness in the eyes tends to increase when there is fatigue. Further, with dryness in the eyes, you can also experience pain. Usually, this problem occurs when people work under a bright light. Due to the light, the eyes become sensitive leading to this problem if you feel a dry eye problem, then you must close your eyes for some time and rest and avoid bright light for some time.

Blurred Vision

Working too much in front of computer screens can cause blurred vision. If you notice, your eyes get tired and you may experience unclear visions, especially on the day when you work for longer hours. To relieve this problem, you can gently massage the outer part of your eyes and give your eyes some time to rest.

What Causes Eye Strain Problems?

Long Focus on a Single Activity

When you are putting all your focus on one particular activity such as reading, writing or staring at computer screens for longer durations, it causes eye strain. Taking regular intervals while working is important to avoid eye problems.

Viewing Digital Screens for Long

Digital screens have great negative effects on our eyes. If we continuously view our mobiles, computer screens, gaming systems or tablets, our eyes are bound to be strained. Digital screens have harmful rays coming out of them that eventually hurt your eyes if you keep staring at them for long hours. Therefore, you need to limit your screen time or keep good care of them to avoid harmful consequences.

Working in Abnormal Light Settings

Working in areas with extreme or low light is also another cause of eye strain. To elaborate, if you read on a mobile phone or watch a movie in a dark room, etc. These conditions also put a strain on the eye muscles which leads to blurry eyes, headache and fatigue.

Simple yet effective ways to avoid Eye Strain

Use Anti-Glare Screen Cover or Eye Glasses

The light coming out of the digital screens tends to cause eye strain, however, in such a situation, you can use anti-glare glasses or screen cover. This will help you lessen the strain and will protect you from these harmful rays.

Limit Stress on Eyes for Longer Duration

Try taking a 20-second break after 20 minutes of working. This practice will help you relieve the strain because you will rest your eyes and body from the screen on time.

Use Proper Lighting While Working

Whenever you are doing an activity like writing, studying or reading, lighting is quite essential, try to use proper lighting equipment so that your eyes feel pressured while focusing on the screen. Make sure that the light is focused on the screen so that your eyes can feel at ease while performing their task.

Maintain the Correct Position of the System While Working

Keep your digital screen at least 20-26 inches away from your eyes and position the system at parallel eye level. Not ensuring the same would lead to a posture imbalance and eye strain.

Keep Hydrating Your Eyes with Prescribed Eye Drops

Make regular visits to an eye specialist and get yourself prescribed eye drops for hydrating and moisturising. Dry eyes can make cause eye strain, headache and weak eyesight. Use eye drops to keep your eye health intact.

Save Yourself from Polluted Surroundings

Dust particles and pollution tend to irritate your eyes resulting in eye strain. Therefore, you can use air humidifier or purifier to clean out air so that your eyes don’t suffer.

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