Bakson’s Integrative Oncology Seminar: Bridging Holistic Approaches to Cancer Care

New Delhi: In an effort to enhance understanding and explore integrative approaches to cancer treatment, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital organized a seminar on Integrative Oncology on the 3rd of February,... Read more »
Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals

Sharp Sight Eye Hospital Ushers in a New Era of Eye Care in New Delhi

New Delhi: In a significant stride towards elevating eye care services nationwide, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals unveiled its latest state-of-the-art facility in New Delhi on January 16th, 2024. Spanning an expansive 45,000... Read more »
Childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Is it Serious?

Childhood obesity: Obesity is a problem that tends to worry people of all age groups. While sometimes obesity can be genetic, sometimes it occurs because of our lazy routine. However, obesity in... Read more »

Too much digital strain on eyes? Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Digital strain on eyes: Digitalisation has given a lot of opportunities and career uplifts, however, at the price of one’s health levels. No one is unaware of the toll that digital screens... Read more »

Hair Transplant and its emerging trend in India

For some people, losing their hair may be a traumatic event that lowers their confidence and sense of self. However, improvements in medical research have spawned workable remedies, therefore with hair transplant... Read more »

How to improve brain power with the help of meditation?

Whenever we hear the word meditation, most people think of it as a sleeping technique which has no use in real life, however, meditation has more capacity and capability of doing things... Read more »
Role of hair transplant

Restoring Confidence: Baldness and the Role of Hair Transplants

Hair loss and baldness can have a significant impact on an individual’s self-esteem and overall well-being. Thankfully, advancements in medical science have provided effective solutions to combat these concerns. Hair transplants have... Read more »
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Plastic Surgery in Men on high rise| Trend Emerges as Daddy-Do-Over

Plastic surgery is no longer a female-dominated field as more and more men are opting for this procedure to enhance their appearance. Men undergo plastic surgery for the same reasons as women,... Read more »
types of body contouring procedures

6 types of body contouring procedures

What is body contouring? In simple words, Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a medical or surgical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. It may involve procedures to:... Read more »

The Future of Body Contouring: How Technology is Redefining Cosmetic Surgery

What is Body contouring? Body contouring, which is also known as body sculpting, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape and enhance the appearance of the body. This process involves removing... Read more »