Delhi Girls Battalion Group B NCC Clinches Inter-Battalion Championship

Delhi Girls Battalion

  • Delhi Girls Battalion Group B NCC proudly secured the esteemed Inter-Battalion Championship Banner

Delhi-India: The 5 Delhi Girls Battalion Group B NCC proudly secured the esteemed Inter-Battalion Championship Banner, marking a historic victory in the realm of cadet excellence. The grand award ceremony, held recently, witnessed the fervent presence of esteemed ANOs and enthusiastic cadets from various units. The event was distinguished by the esteemed presence of ANOs, particularly from the triumphant banner-holding unit, along with zealous cadets who added an aura of excitement to the occasion.

Notable figures such as ADG Maj. Gen. Sanjay P Vishwas Rao, SM Group Cdr Brig. Debashish Chowdhry, among other officers, graced the event with their inspiring words.

Under the exceptional leadership of Col. Narender Singh Yadav, the 5 Delhi Girls Battalion Group B NCC clinched the championship banner, expressing his happiness and pride in the remarkable achievement Col. Narender Singh Yadav acclaimed the victory to be a Team Play.

He appreciate d and acknowledged the Role of GCIs ,ANOs and all Admin and non admin staff for putting up their best always.

His guidance and unwavering dedication have played a pivotal role in shaping the battalion’s success, serving as a beacon of inspiration for all cadets.

He further said that “This victory stands as a testament to the collective efforts of the entire battalion, including the invaluable contribution of the PI staff, GCI s, ANOs, and cadets. Their relentless commitment to excellence and tireless perseverance have been instrumental in securing this prestigious accolade.”

The Inter-Directorate Banner Competition stands as a testament to the overall performance of a battalion across various significant areas, including ATC camps, CATC camps, and other crucial domains. It evaluates the successful conduct of AB and C certificate exams, reflecting the dedication and proficiency exhibited by the participating units.

The triumph of the 5 Delhi Girls Battalion Group B NCC in clinching the championship banner underscores their commitment to excellence and their relentless pursuit of success. This victory not only brings honor to their battalion but also serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring cadets across the nation.

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