How To Know The Real Reason of Headache?

How To Know The Real Reason of Headache?

Dr. SPS Bakshi, the visionary founder of Bakson Homeopathy, stands at the forefront of promoting and advancing the field of homeopathy within India.

As the driving force behind Bakson, a premier organization of purely Indian origin, Dr. Bakshi has dedicated himself to bringing the complete benefits of this promising science to the masses. Under his leadership, Bakson has flourished, encompassing three vital divisions.

How To Know The Real Reason of Headache?

Dr. SPS Bakshi helps people to live a healthy life with his wast experience of Homeopathy. Recently he has provided a detailed informative video on “The Real Reason of Headache?”. Dr Bakshi said, ” Migraine and arthritis may seem like two unrelated conditions, but there’s evidence to suggest a potential connection between them. While migraine primarily affects the head and is characterised by severe headaches, arthritis is a condition that primarily affects the joints, causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation.”

He further said, “However, both conditions involve inflammation and changes in blood flow. Some studies have found that people with certain types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are more likely to experience migraines. Additionally, both conditions can be influenced by genetic factors and environmental triggers. Bakson’s Mig Aid, a homeopathic medicine, is designed to alleviate migraine symptoms by addressing the underlying causes, including inflammation and vascular changes.”

Although homeopathy is a controversial field in conventional medicine, some people find relief from their symptoms with homeopathic treatments like Mig Aid. Importantly, since it’s homeopathic, Mig Aid claims to have no side effects, which can be a significant advantage for individuals seeking relief from migraine without the potential drawbacks of conventional medications, he said.

Dr, Bakshi said, “However, it’s essential for individuals considering Mig Aid or any other treatment to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe and suitable for their specific condition.”

Helping people to live a healthy lifestyle with top-quality homeopathic products

Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures top-quality homeopathic products, while Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College provides comprehensive education in homeopathy at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Additionally, Bakson’s chain of over 30 homeopathy clinics spread across India delivers effective treatment to countless individuals. Driven by a commitment to innovation, Bakson has embraced the evolution of homeopathy from its traditional roots to a more advanced and researched system of healing.

Notably, Bakson has adapted to the changing needs of society by introducing multiple dosage forms as over-the-counter products, integrating homeopathy seamlessly into daily life. What sets Bakson apart is its unwavering dedication to maintaining international standards of quality and efficacy in its medicines, achieved through rigorous in-house research and manufacturing processes. With a focus on growth and expansion, Bakson has ventured into Uttarakhand, further solidifying its position as a leader in the homeopathic industry and ensuring it can meet the growing demands of the future.

Dr. SPS Bakshi’s steadfast vision continues to propel Bakson towards excellence, shaping the landscape of homeopathy in India and beyond.

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