ludhiana gas leak

Ludhiana Gas Leak: 11 dead after gas leak in a factory

Ludhiana(Punjab): At least eleven persons were killed and many others are feared trapped inside a factory on Sua Road near Sherpur Chowk in Punjab’s Ludhiana after a gas leak on Sunday. The... Read more »

Top 10 kdramas on Netflix that you must watch at least once

Kdramas: Korean dramas, usually referred to as K-dramas, have become incredibly popular in recent years as a result of their distinctive storytelling, captivating characters, and emotional depth. K-dramas are now more widely... Read more »
PR Agency Role

How PR Agency Work to Build and Protect Your Reputation?

Public relations (PR) agencies are organizations that specialize in managing the reputation of their clients by building and maintaining a positive image among their stakeholders. A good PR agency work with businesses,... Read more »
Prepare for IELTS

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Prepare for IELTS at Home!

The IELTS exam is a globally recognised standard to measure the English proficiency of individuals wanting to study or work in an English-speaking country. However, for many students, IELTS exams can become... Read more »

What is BH ‘Bharat’ series number plate? A complete guide

Re-registering your vehicle is mandatory if you move to a different state. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, one can drive the vehicle for a maximum of 12 months without transferring the... Read more »
Prateek Grand City

Prateek Grand City – Shaping your dream home

Luxurious home at fair prices is what everyone looks for these days. Though there are hundreds of real-estate businesses, there are a few where you can say that you are in the... Read more »

Top 5 dreamy locations for prewedding photoshoot in India

Prewedding photoshoot: Wedding is indeed one of the most life changing phase for anyone, the times and months before the wedding are special too but are full of indecisions and jitters. In... Read more »
fire drill at MBD

Fire Drill at MBD Neopolis mall and Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana 

Ludhiana,(Punjab): In a bid to apprise the staff of MBD Neopolis Mall and Radisson Blu Hotel MBD about fire safety, the fire brigade on Tuesday organised a mock drill at MBD Neopolis mall and... Read more »

Top 10 places in Delhi that you must visit at night

Top 10 places in Delhi to visit at night: The busy Indian metropolis of Delhi comes to life at night with a distinct appeal. Delhi provides a wide range of captivating activities... Read more »
Facts McDonald's

10 lesser-known facts about McDonald’s

The craze for Western food chains hit India in the late 1990s. One of the first brands to hit the Indian market was McDonald’s. Undoubtedly, there Aloo Tikki burgers literally swept the... Read more »