West Bengal, Odisha on high alert as cyclone Amphan intesifies

West Bengal, Odisha on high alert as cyclone Amphan intensifies

YDNews| Cyclone Amphan The Amphan cyclone storm over central parts of South Bay of Bengal has intensified itself into an extremely severe cyclonic storm, the Indian Meteorological Department reportedly said on Monday.... Read more »
Compulsive Disorder patients amid COVID-19 pandemic

How are Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients feeling amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Read details inside

YD News|Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients COVID-19 pandemic: We are in a middle of a health crisis. Everybody knows that if precautions are not taken, bitter end is near. Following all the precautionary measures... Read more »
school after lockdown in France

School after a lockdown in France: Kids made to sit in a chalk square

YDNews| school after a lockdown France: As France is easing the lockdown restrictions, many people are still anguished to come out. Especially, parents are confused if they should send their children to... Read more »

Will the harsh Indian summer kill coronavirus?

Summer kill coronavirus: The world want to get rid of this coronavirus and is following all the precautionary measures to be safe. Earlier, there were reports that hot Indian summer might stop... Read more »
Do you know who is Super 30's Anand Kumar? Read details inside

Do you know who is Anand Kumar from Super 30? a famous Indian Mathematician

YDNews| Super 30 Super 30: For those who aspire to be engineers, Anand Kumar is a familiar name. But there are still many people, who don’t know much about him. A Bollywood... Read more »
Dr Shubhang Aggarwal

Meet Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal, A world-class robotic surgeon from Jalandhar, India

YDNews| Dr Shubhang Aggarwal Jalandhar: In this crisis period of coronavirus pandemic, the doctors are the ones who are most likely to fall prey to the disease as they are the ones... Read more »
Has Israel found vaccine for Coronavirus?

Has Israel found vaccine for Coronavirus?

YD News | Two-minute read CORONAVIRUS VACCINE: Medical researchers of the countries across the world are trying to find the vaccine for novel coronavirus as it has brought the world to a... Read more »
Delhi govt announces summer vacations from May 11 to June 30

Delhi govt announces summer vacations from May 11 to June 30

YDNews| summer vacation in govt school The school students all across India are sitting at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic. When the lockdown situation started, most of the students were in... Read more »
Sitting outside liquor shop from 6 am, man gets angry at shop's closure

Sitting outside liquor shop from 6 am, man gets angry at shop’s closure

Delhi: In lockdown 3.0, some relaxations have been given by the central government. One of these relaxations is the opening of the liquor shops. Reports of long queues outside liquor shops from... Read more »

Hematidrosis explained! A condition where you sweat blood

YDNews “Sweat blood” Have you ever heard of a person who doesn’t sweat but bleed? Imagine you wake up one day and see blood coming out from face, eyes, ears or forehead?... Read more »