Jagannath Food For Life: Serving Bhojan Thali at Rs. 10

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Jagannath Food For Life has been a helping hand for thousands in Ludhiana.

  • They have been serving “Satvic Bhojan Thalis” @ Rs. 10 only, for the last 5 years now.

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Thousands of people in India sleep without food and shelter every day. They strive for food and they have to live with hunger. Also, they do not even accept free food as some consider it next to begging.

However, there are some non-profit organizations like Jagannath Food For Life that are becoming a messiah for these people. The ones who have no choice but to strive with hunger and they do not even accept free food.

For the last 4-5 years, Jagannath Food For Life has been helping the needy with its unique initiative. As Ludhiana is an industrial hub, the number of migrant labours and daily wage workers is immense. For them and for all other people, who can’t afford healthy food, Jagannath Food For Life has worked really hard.

At several famous locations in Ludhiana, Jagannath Food For Life has set up booths where “Satvic” food is served at Rs. 10 only. Jagannath Food For Life serves Bhojan Thalis in Ludhiana to the people who are in dire need of it. At a nominal cost, these Satvic Bhojan Thalis are served.

There is a reason why Jagannath Food For Life charges Rs. 10 for every thali they serve. The motive is not to hurt anyone’s ego or sentiments. As many people do not accept free food, Jagannath Food For Life charges a nominal amount of Rs. 10 per thali.

Serving humanity, feeding the needy!

The Mega Kitchen

You must be thinking about how all the food reaches booths in different parts of the city. How does Jagannath Food For Life cook food for almost 3,000 people every day? Well, for that, there is a team of volunteers who are noble enough to give time and effort for this noble cause.

In Hasanpur village Ludhiana, there is Jagannath Food For Life’s Mega Kitchen. All the food is prepared here using hi-tech machinery and a great team of volunteers.

The motive is to serve “Satvic” food to needy people. Therefore, no garlic and onion are used in all the food that the team prepares. Other than that, the prepared food is first served to Lord Jagannath. As a form of Prasad, the food is packed in thalis. After that, the Bhojan Thalis are loaded into vans and trucks and then they reach 12 different booths in major areas of the city.

Jagannath Food For Life- The story behind this noble initiative

Mr Satish Kumar Gupta and Mr Naveen Bhatia are two pillars behind this noble cause. They are the ones who initiated Jagannath Food For Life in Ludhiana.

Mr Naveen Bhatia shares his story and tells that one of his friends from Banaras inspired him to take the initiative. “One of my friends was serving food to the needy people in Banaras. He was also doing the same. The working model was the same. The idea was to help the needy and provide them with food at a nominal price. That is when I decided to do the same in Ludhiana as well.”

Mr Satish Kumar Gupta says that his motive was to donate to a noble cause. “With God’s grace, we got support from several industrialists of Ludhiana and started with this initiative. Since 2017, we have been helping people who need food but cannot afford it,” he adds.

Jagannath Food For Life during coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jagannath Food For Life has worked really well for society. They have helped thousands by providing them with hygienic and “Satvic” food. They continued with their tremendous work.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the world was brought to a standstill. However, Jagannath Food For Life continued with its excellent work. Even they helped the Ludhiana administration to arrange food for the needy during the coronavirus pandemic. When the lockdown was imposed, Jagannath Food For Life fed around 20,000 people.

If you want to be a part of this noble cause, visit this page!

Jagannath Food For Life- Ludhiana

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