10 proven ways to be alone and happy


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A lot of people love to be alone. They enjoy their own company and love to spend time with themselves. You know what? That is completely fine! There are millions of extroverts in the world and some people feel that they are not normal. Undoubtedly, man being is a social animal. But that does not mean that it can not be happy alone. It is really important for a person to appreciate and tolerate alone time. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to give yourself enough time.

Here are 10 proven ways to be alone and happy

Stay active

A sound body leads to a sound mind. Therefore, it is important to stay active. It will have several physical and mental benefits. If you will be in a good shape, you will feel more confident.

Staying active is important because lethargy and laziness drop your morale and self-confidence. Hit the gym, do some Yoga, run, walk, do whatever you feel comfortable with. Don’t look for a company. Just be consistent and you will surely see results.

Do what you love

It is okay if you want to be alone. But what would you do in your spare time? It is important to do what you love. If you love to click pictures, pick up your camera and do it. If you love to paint, pick up the brush and do it. Live your life to the fullest. Just be in the moment. If you do what you love, you will feel fulfilled. You will be happy. Your productivity will improve and you will feel good about yourself.

Stop comparing yourself

One of the major reasons for sadness is comparison. Other than that, peer pressure also makes people, especially the youth, unhappy. Therefore, one of the easiest formulas to be happy is to stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone’s life is different. Stalking your friends and family members will surely lead to disappointment. Each person has different goals. The struggle is different and the circumstances are different.

Also, if someone is posting happy pictures, it does not mean they are happy. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Decrease your social media usage

Time and again, give yourself a break from social media. Spend some time with yourself. Enjoy your own company. Social media increases anxiety and stress because people start doing comparisons. Therefore, it is very important for you to take a break from it and enjoy the world around you.

Learn something new

A lot of people do not have any idea what should they do in their free time. They think they do not have anything to do and then they hate sitting idle and being alone.

The best way to utilize your alone and free time is to learn a new skill. Learn something new that makes you happy. A new skill will surely help you explore a different side of yours. Engage yourself in a new activity and try your hands in something you feel you won’t be able to do. Push your limits and once you will succeed, you will surely reach cloud nine.

Compliment yourself

You should be your true fan. You should be your best companion. Every day, spend some time complimenting yourself. Thank yourself for being a great companion. Self-love is really important if you want to be alone and happy. We have often heard that happiness comes from within. Therefore, if you are feeling comfortable about yourself, you feel good about yourself, you do not love what you do, you love yourself, your energy level would be different.

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Follow your passion

I feel that if you love your job, half of your day is sorted. Therefore, it is important to follow your passion. It is really important to invest and spend most of your time doing something that you love. You will affect your personal as well as professional life if you do not love your job. Also, being alone is the best time to explore yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses.


If you ever feel what should you do if you are alone, volunteer. Help some Non-profit organizations. In today’s world, you will find thousands of different volunteer opportunities that align with your interest. Research has also shown that volunteering helps in boosting mood.


Practicing gratitude is really important if you want to be happy in your life. Be happy for what you have. Because there are a lot of people who can’t even afford what you have. In fact, in your free time, you must be a helping hand to people who you feel need help. You should often list down all those things you are grateful for. Read them out loud and you will feel blessed.

Love yourself first

As mentioned earlier, self-love is really important if you want to be alone and happy. If you do not feel comfortable about yourself, if you do not love yourself, you won’t find happiness. Therefore, instead of loving anyone else, you must love yourself first to find happiness.

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