15 secrets of becoming the best boyfriend


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There’s no perfect definition of a perfect boyfriend. However, there are several ways you can improve yourself. Every woman has a different taste and several traits of a man attract women.

Here are 15 secrets you can become a better boyfriend and improve yourself.

Be honest

We have always learned that honesty is the best policy. Not just in your professional life, but in your personal life as well. Women do not want to be with a person who always keeps lying (neither do men). Do not even lie about your feelings. Be honest with your partner, be honest with yourself. Both of you won’t regret it, your relationship will not suffer.

Communication is the key

Communicate as much as you can! Undoubtedly, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Spare some time to meet your partner, communicate with her. Make her feel wanted. No communication leads to misunderstandings and eventually, people end up their relationships. So, if you want to be a better boyfriend, communicate with your partner.


Loyalty is the strongest pillar of any relationship. No matter how much you fight, there’s always hope if you and your girlfriend are loyal to each other. Deceits and lies destroy the relationship. Every woman looks for a man who is loyal to her, who is a one-woman man.  Cheating in a relationship is the worst blot one can get.

Be confident

Women are always attracted to a man’s confidence. If you are self-confident, know yourself in and out, your girlfriend will fall or you every day. A Self-confident person has full faith in himself and his relationship. No matter what people say about you and your partner, just communicate, have faith in your partner, and be confident about yourself.

Narrowmindedness is a big no

Be open-minded. A gentleman always has his opinions but respects other person’s opinions as well. Accept your girlfriend’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts, ambitions. Do not force your ideas, your beliefs, your ambitions on your partner. Understanding is necessary.

Be reliable

Be a man whom people can rely on, especially your girlfriend. You should be credible, truthful, honest, be a problem solver, a solution provider. Do not give headaches to your partner. If she shares her feelings with you, be reliable and listen to her calmly. If she asks for advice, give the best ideas you have.


Keep up the spark in your relationship and be passionate about it. Make her feel wanted. Express that you care for her and show it to the world. Do not just be with her for the sake of the relationship. Become her support system. Put efforts to make her happy, to make her smile.

Respect her personal space

Women need space. And a man should always respect it (it is vice-versa actually). You can not expect your partner to be around you all the time. Respecting each other’s personal space is necessary.

Actions speak louder than words

Express your love and affection through actions, not just by saying “I love you”. Express your feelings with her. Have a long walk. Be there for her in times of need. Avoid lies and broken promises. Always keep your word and do what you say. She should feel that you are putting effort into her.

Mutual respect is important

Respecting each other is very important in a relationship. You should always respect your partner, her dreams, her goals, and her professional and personal relationships (and this goes vice-versa too).

Respecting yourself and loving yourself is also equally important. How can you manage someone else’s feelings and emotions if you do not feel good about yourself? Taking good care of yourself is equally important.

Inspire her

Be a man that your women seek inspiration from you. Inspire her. Women look for men who motivate them. Not those who always discourage her. Influence and motivate her in a positive way. Do not point out her bad traits. Instead, make her understand them in private. If she feels discouraged and insecure about herself, positively motivate her. Tell her “You can do it. I am here for your help.”

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Let her grow

Her growth should not bother you negatively. Be happy for her. Appreciate her efforts. None has any right to disturb the personal growth of the partner. In fact, one should always support the partner and give the right advice in times of need.

Be patient

Women do not like short-tempered men. Be calm and patient. If you have anger issues, learn how to control them. Be mature and understanding. Remember! Good things come to those who wait. If you are having tough times, it is necessary to put in your best efforts to come out of it and patiently wait for the good.

Don’t be jealous

You should always appreciate your girlfriend and should never be jealous of her growth and progress. A lot of times, such issues happen in a relationship, especially when partners belong to the same professional fields. But jealousy is not the solution for any misunderstanding. It can never be.

Be her top fan

You should always be the support system of your girlfriend. You should be her top fan. If she fails in what she does, do not discourage her. Instead, give her the right advice. Appreciate the efforts she made.

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