Working from Home? Tips to be active and productive during the quarantine

Working from Home? Tips to be active and productive during the quarantine

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Quarantine: Working from home can be difficult as laziness, boredom during this quarantine period can kill your productivity. It can make you lethargic and inactive. You won’t feel like doing your office stuff and will look for your bed. It can also affect your mental health.

So, how can you keep yourself active and productive while being at home? Here we have some tips for you which will surely help you to stay mentally and physically active, healthy, fit and will boost your productivity for sure.

Working from Home, Stick to your normal routine and time-table

Waking up late during quarantine can disbalance your daily routine and your to-do list. Wake up as you have to go to the office. Stick to your normal timetable. In this way, you’ll have enough time to complete your tasks and perhaps you end your tasks before time.

Working from Home, Exercise for a while

To keep your body active, you need to exercise daily. You need to find motivation for yourself to pull your socks up. Exercising will also help you keep your mental health stable. Prefer doing a mild jog or walk on your terrace in the morning. This will keep you charged for the whole day.

Working from Home Read books

During your free time, you can consider reading new books. This will help you generate new ideas and surely will boost your productivity. You’ll perform better in your daily tasks. We suggest you start with these books in the beginning. If you are not a book reader than you can try reading informative articles of your interest on the internet.

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Take a small nap while working

Having a short break while working can charge you up for the next 4-5 hours. This will increase your productivity and you will finish your work in lesser time. Studies have proved that midday power naps can make you active and improve your performance and attitude.

Learn a new language or art form

If you have extra time after completing your work, you can utilize it by learning a language or some art form. You can try painting, music, or dancing. You can try starting with decorating your own room or workspace. Talking about learning a new language, it will surely help you in networking with new people. It will be an add on to your skills.

De-stress yourself and spend time with family (Most important)

Working is okay, but you also need to spend time with your family during this quarantine. Play some indoor games, watch some movies, listen to songs and cook good food with your family. This will surely help you de-stress. You can also spend some time teaching your kids during this quarantine. You can play with them and can spend quality time with your parents also.

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