Successful kidney transplant at Himalayan Hospital Jolly grant, mother saves son’s life


The expert doctors of the Himalayan Hospital Jolly grant performed a successful kidney transplant. The patient’s cardiac health was also deteriorating because both of his kidneys were damaged.

45 years old Pawan Kumar from Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh was on dialysis for a long time. His condition was getting worse every day. The doctors had asked for a transplant and his mother was ready to give him a kidney.

Earlier, he had also visited hospitals in Delhi and Meerut. But considering the risk due to his cardiac health, Pawan was refused a kidney transplant. Eventually, Pawan came to the Himalayan Hospital.

Dr. Vikas Chandel, the nephrologist at Jollygrant Hospital, discussed Pawan’s problems with the transplant team. After some necessary tests, the transplant team conducted a successful kidney transplant of Pawan.

His 63-year-old mother Sukhviri Devi donated her kidney. After this successful kidney transplant, both are completely healthy. Pawan and his family expressed their gratitude to the doctors and staff of the hospital. Both have been discharged from the hospital. Transplant coordinator Jagdeep Sharma contributed in making the transplant a success.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijay Dhasmana and Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. SL Jethani congratulated the entire transplant team of Himalayan Hospital on this success. They informed that Himalayan Hospital is the only world-class approved institute in Uttarakhand for kidney transplants.

Dr. Vijay said, “We perform kidney transplants at a low cost as compared to other private Hospitals. Soon, the transplant services will be expanded.”

The expert team conducted kidney transplant

  • Dr. Kim J Mamen
  • Dr. Rajiv Sarpal
  • Dr. Shikhar Agarwal
  • Dr. Karmaveer Singh
  • Physician Dr. Shahbaz Ahmed
  • Dr. Vikas Chandel
  • Radiologist Dr. Raghuvanshi
  • Cardiologist Dr. Kunal Gururani
  • Dr. Prachi Kala
  • Dr. Mamta
  • Dr. Vinayak
  • Anesthetic Dr. Veena Asthana
  • Dr. Gurjit Khurana
  • Dr. Parul Jindal
  • Dr. Nidhi Kumar
  • Dr. Divya Agarwal
  • Dr. Harish Koshyari
  • Transplant co-ordinator Jagdeep Sharma

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