Monika Kapoor’s Saundhi gives you the true essence of life, what’s happening around us


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  • Monika Kapoor – an author, a poet and an artist.
  • “Saundhi” is a beautiful book that gives you a strong message and unveils the social evils that are still prevailing in our society.

Poetry is an amazing art form that can not be learned in schools. There’s no classroom to learn poetry and the playfield is when you open up your mind, have a look around yourself, and then you pick up your clause. The art form becomes your me time and you feel safe, happy and secure when you write out your thoughts. Undoubtedly, poetry is a difficult art form and one can not master it completely. It is a continuous learning process.

Writing out your thoughts and putting them up in words sometimes becomes difficult. But the ones who get into it, have a clear vision, and step on the way to becoming successful poets. One such personality is Mrs Monika Kapoor- the author of the beautiful book “Saundhi”.

“Saundhi” is a beautiful book that gives you a strong message and unveils the social evils that are still prevailing in our society. Other than that, some poems in this book will make you understand the beauty, power and responsibilities of a woman.

According to Monika, Saundhi is not just a book. The poems she has written are her core feelings that she had managed to write out and put in words.

In Monika Kapoor’s words

“Saundhi is not just a book, it is a fragrance, a feeling that has emanated from the depths of my heart. Just as the fragrance of sweet soil gives pleasure to the heart, these poems do the same to my heart and my life! A poet or a poetess has an emotional connection with the poems, my poems are also my friends who save me every time I stumble.”

Monika Kapoor says that her two children and her husband give her the inspiration to write. From them, she gets the encouragement to write out her thoughts in a beautiful and poetic way.

She became an author, a poet, an artist, without any formal training. Monika Kapoor was into chemical engineering. Despite doing engineering, she dedicates all her time to her home and family. Lives in a joint family in Faridabad. She says that “colours and words” are an essential part of her life. However, for her, her family is her priority.

She considers her family and her children as her inspiration. Monika says that words, poems, and expressions are her true friends. Sometimes she searches for words in herself, sometimes words find her and turn them into poetry! Writing gives her a chance to engrave the thoughts of the mind on paper. Now, it has become an integral part of her life and a beautiful reason to be alive.

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