Kanika Kapoor tests negative for COVID-19, discharged from hospital

Kanika Kapoor tests negative for COVID-19, discharged from hospital

YDNews| Kanika Kapoor

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has finally been tested negative for Coronavirus in her sixth test. The singer was tested positive for Coronavirus three weeks ago and was admitted to a hospital in Lucknow.

According to the reports by ANI, her sixth test has come out to be negative and she has been discharged after 18 days. Her fifth test was conducted on Saturday. The doctors wanted to be sure about her health and they allowed her to go home when two of her tests showed negative results continuously.

A few days ago, one of her family members reportedly said that she (Kanika) was not reacting to the medications. However, the singer is still in trouble even after getting discharged. Three FIRs had been lodged against Kanika Kapoor under section 269, 188 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code.

Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow has filed these FIRs against Kanika Kapoor in Sarojini Nagar Police station.

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Kanika Kapoor was the first Indian celebrity to get affected by Coronavirus.
Kanika had earlier issued a statement clarifying that she was properly checked at the airport when she returned from London.

“I was properly scanned at the airport as per the normal procedure. When I came back home, the symptoms had developed only four days ago,” she clarified in an Instagram post which is now deleted.

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