How to do a manicure and Pedicure at home? Find a guide here!

How to do a manicure and Pedicure at home? Find a guide here!

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Care of your hands and feet is way more important than your other body parts. Well, these are the most suffering parts of your body. Your hands help you for every tiny work and your feet bare all the pain. So, the parts who bare so much for you must be treated with care and nourishment.

Personally, whenever I realize that my hands and feet require some nourishment, I opt for a manicure and pedicure. No! I don’t spend money on expensive salon hand and feet packages, I prepare my Manicure and Pedicure at home.

So, today we are going to share our home manicure and pedicure options to save you from the hustle of the parlors every week.

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What all your need for manicure and pedicure at home?

  • A small tub in which you can soak your feet and hands
  • Lukewarm water
  • Shampoo pouches
  • Mustard oil
  • Nail cutter
  • Tooth Picks
  • Nail paint remover
  • Your favorite nail paint
  • A pumice stone

How to do a Pedicure and Manicure at home?

  • First of all, remove your nail paint from both your hands and feet. If you don’t do this, your nails would not get the nourishment.
  • Add lukewarm water into the tub. Use enough water to soak your hands and feet properly.
  • Put a pouch of shampoo and mustard oil into the warm water and mix it well
  • Soak your feet into the water and let your hands wait for some time
  • Soak your feet into the warm water for 15 minutes and in the meantime, you can watch some videos on the Internet to pass your time.
  • While these 15 minutes, rub your feet with each other to remove the dirt and dead skin from your feet that was stuck into your foot for so long.
  • You can use the pumice stone to remove the dust from your feet.
  • After 15 minutes, take out one foot and take a toothpick. Now use the toothpick to remove the dead skin from your nails, both inside and out. From little one to your thumb. The same with the other foot.
  • Now cut and file your nails as per your wish.
  • After completing the filing your nails, wash your feet with clean water properly and apply Olive or Figaro oil. This oil strengthens your nails.
  • Now throw the water away, refill it and repeat the above mention steps with your hands.
  • Repeat this method twice a week and see how your hands and feet glow forever.
  • After completing your Manicure and Pedicure, apply your favorite nail paint on your hands and feet.

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