Reasons why junk food is not good for our health

Reasons why junk food is not good for our health

YDNews| 09:25 pm

Generally, our parents always ask us not to indulge in junk food in excess as it is bad for our health. But, obviously, we won’t agree to it unless someone gives valid reason to us.

Here are some important points due to which one should avoid or eat less JUNK FOOD.


Consumption of junk food affects blood sugar levels to fluctuate and makes the brain demand more junk food. This, however, brings the worse out of our digestive system as it makes difficult for it to digest excess this food.


Consuming junk food affects the deficiency of necessary body growth nutrients and vitamins. The food, for a fact, does not contain any nutritional ingredients that can benefit our body. Unhealthy eating habits along with more intake of sugar, fatty acids will definitely affect your growth and development.

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One of the main problems I personally face. Excessively eating junk food often causes me pimples and more oily skin. Eating for some frequent days will always do the worse to our skin. Hence, just for the sake of our skin, we must limit the junk food.


More junk food, more fatty acids, soda, calories, sugar, and many other evils tend to increase your body weight. Also, for fact obesity can further cause many medical issues such as diabetes, joint pains, and heart diseases as well.


A study from Europe has shown that eating too much junk food which is high in fat and sugar affects serious damage to the human’s liver.


A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that people who eat junk food tend to perform poorly in cognitive tests. At the same time, they concluded that junk foods can deteriorate our memory and can make our brains weaker.

Therefore, it is not much important than our lives. Eat it but not at the risk of these health issues and our lives.

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