Health: Activities you must include in your daily routine to keep you healthy, alive and fresh all day long

Health: Activities you must include in your daily routine to keep you healthy, alive and fresh all day long

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Health: The weather is finally changing and it has turned out to be scorching hot at the starting of April. So, with summers approaching, we know how difficult it is for you all to manage to stay fresh and lighten in front of your boss, friends, colleagues, and family.

You might not want to embarrass yourself by looking sad, lazy, not-so-fresh tired and whatnot.

Here we have got you the best practices you must add to your daily routine in order to not only look but feel fresh, full of energy and maintain your health:


To start off with, you must say hello to the morning sun and fresh air. Breathing fresh air and exercising in it feels so refreshing and distressful. Start your day with exercises so that your body becomes strong and ready for the day. Believe us, exercise has your back in those tiring meetings and your sedentary job life or even the fieldwork too. A little time exercising gives you life and energy all day to bare things you almost don’t like.


We know you hear it from a lot of people, mostly your parents, but this one does work. While you are stressed due to your day to day tiring lifestyle, job, and other things, Yoga serves peace to your mind for some time and gives you positive energy to keep up with the fastly growing pace of life.

A cup of hot water

Believe us your body does require a cup of hot water. You never realize but all those meals including fast food you have in a day have been spoiling your body internally. A cup of hot water tends to cleanse all the waste material stored inside your body and purifies it. It also betters your digestive system, I personally prefer to have honey mixed in my hot water because it is also good for your health and skin.

Karela or Neem juice

After drinking your hot cup of water, have a bottle cap full of neem juice or karela juice or if you are good enough, have both. The thing is in order to show energy one must treat oneself internally and these juices tend to clean you up internally, purifies the blood and keeps you away from several diseases like diabetes, high/low blood pressure, etc.

A couple of fruits

Yes, we might sound like repeating all your grandmother’s saying but these were gems of life. Add some good amount of fruits to your daily routine. Pack some in your bag while you leave for the office or have some fruits when you come back to home or while leaving for work. Fruits tend to keep you hydrated and become your savior when you starve in odd hours of work.

Warm water all day

Yes! Not only for the starting of your day but to try and drink hot water in intervals. It keeps you warm inside, it prevents you from catching a cold, cough, and flu. It also keeps your nervous system right at the place.

15 minutes of walk

Your back might hurt with all those continuous hours of sitting.

WRITER’S PERSONAL ADVICE: Talking from personal experience, I also have a desk job and when I leave work I opt to reach the metro station walking my way down rather than going by taxi or auto (this was before the lockdown was imposed). This makes me save money, and become more active. Not only this, but I also prefer standing in the metro even when the seats are vacant. Things like these balance my sedentary lifestyle.

Apart from this, walking is quite vital for you and your body, maybe you can use some music and singing to accompany you.

A book reading session

While you get stressed due to our entangled lives, you are sometimes completely lost to become or seem happy. So one must start reading enthusiastic, generous, or motivational books that might add a spark to your lives.

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An afternoon bath to release stress

When you come back home, and before you give an inseparable hug to your beds-in-waiting, you must give yourself a hot water bath so that you can release the dirt on your body and distress your muscles of the hard work you performed the whole day.

A good and sound sleep

Very very important, if you give up on your sleep then we doubt you as a person. Try and head to your sleep routine on time because staying up at time means you’ll be late in the morning and you’ll definitely end up missing some of the aforementioned points. So sleep well to look and feel fresh.

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