Meet Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal, A world-class robotic surgeon from Jalandhar, India

Dr Shubhang Aggarwal

YDNews| Dr Shubhang Aggarwal

Jalandhar: In this crisis period of coronavirus pandemic, the doctors are the ones who are most likely to fall prey to the disease as they are the ones treating the patients. They are the frontline warriors who are working day and night to eradicate this deadly disease.

So, as our gratitude towards our frontline warriors, we are today sharing a success story of a renowned doctor of Punjab who has experience of more than 15000 plus surgeries under his belt in his career of over 18 years.

“A world-class robotic surgeon from Jalandhar, India”

We are talking about Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal who is is one of the top robotic surgeons in India and his centre is one of the first 50 robotic knee centres in the world. He is one of the few surgeons in our country who have expertise in Robotic surgery.

For those who don’t know what is Robotic surgery, don’t worry! We will tell you!

Robotic surgery is also known as robot-assisted surgery. This helps the doctors to do more complex surgical procedures with more precision. This te technique of surgery is widely adopted in different countries of Europe, Asia. It is also widely used in the USA.

As we told earlier, a few surgeons are experts in this technique, Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal is one of them. This is the real testimony of his expertise and skills.

Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal has advanced training in joint replacement from prestigious medical universities from Singapore, UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

His compassionate approach towards his patients is what makes him the best.

Have a look at Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal journey:

Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal was born and brought up in Jalandhar and after completing his schooling, he went to Bombay, England, and the countries mentioned earlier. In the end, he felt that other countries had enough facilities. So, he decided to come back to Jalandhar and provide advanced medical facilities to people of Punjab. Therefore, in order to make it possible, he came up with NHS Hospital in Jalandhar in the year 2017.
Since then, Dr. Shubhang has been serving people of the region by providing them world-class medical care including Robotic knee surgery.

Earlier also, Dr. Shubhang was the first doctor to come up with computer navigation surgery about 10 years ago. Now, he is the one who gave Robotic surgery facilities to the Jalandhar city. Last year in April, he started Robotic Knee surgery at NHS Hospital, Jalandhar and he has conducted more than 300 successful surgeries in a year.

Robotic Technique is more precise and less painful”

Dr. Shubhang has been continuously working to spread awareness about robotic surgery across Punjab as most of the people are always afraid of it. He tells that this technique is more precise and less painful. Even the recovery period is less is one gets treated through Robotic surgery. Not only Knee replacement, but Dr. Shubhang is also working to launch Robotic Hip replacement in India very soon.

Undoubtedly, Punjab needs more experts like Dr. Shubhang and YD News salutes the spirit of him.

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