Arun Kumar, man who willingly got coronavirus injected in himself

Arun Kumar, man who willingly got coronavirus injected in himself

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You might not willingly want to get infected with this contagious disease known as coronavirus but guess what, an Indian willingly decided to get infected with the coronavirus.

We are talking about Arun Kumar, a Netherlands based Indian who is a Hollywood producer and director by profession and an MBBS student by choice.

Arun Kumar works in an entertainment department of Netherlands based hospital and is also the owner of Fusion Films. He was the head of the entertainment department at the hospital where he had the responsibility of keeping the patients happy and positive.

Arun Kumar loves to vlog and uploads some useful vlogs under his Youtube channel name Papa On Duty. He also promotes his mother language and recently, he also shared a vlog on his experience of being infected to coronavirus. Here have a look at the enthusiastic video.

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Arun Kumar and his journey

While sharing his experience, he also quoted in the video and told that he did not share the situation of being infected to coronavirus with his family till the time the procedure was being done. After he healed from it, he shared the news with his wife. Kumar also mentioned the reason why he was willing to take this challenge up because he wanted to see and witness how coronavirus carries away in an Indian human body. However, he was not able to share the depth of the details because of the security clause involved with the hospital.

Arun Kumar hails from Lucknow and is a person full of life. While the coronavirus has taken a rule all over the world, the doctors and science specialists in the Netherlands wanted to carry out research so that the effect, severity, and vaccine of the COVID-19 could be made and discovered. For the purpose, they decided to inject the coronavirus in 9 volunteers from across Europe.

Process and medical scenario

However, the virus was injected into people so that they could be tracked from day 1 that how the coronavirus is spread inside the body which part it affects at first, how severely it is spread, what symptoms it shows when a person is infected and that vaccine could be made.

Initially, Arun Kumar’s body took time to react to coronavirus but later the virus started to spread in his body. Slowly, the taste buds and smelling power of Arun started to lessen its impact.

Arun Kumar is a hardcore Indian and was willing to do something for the benefit of the Netherlands and India. He decided to volunteer the purpose and got himself willfully infected with the coronavirus. After being infected, he was kept under observation and under all safety measures for 5 days. All the facilities were given to Kumar like a normally infected person is been provided.

We had a short conversation about his experience but due to security reasons, he was not able to share the details of the medical scenario.

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