Women’s Day 2020: All-women staff operates goods train in Odisha

Women's day

YD NEWS | 6:45 PM | One-minute read

Women’s day 2020: On account of International Women’s Day, an all-women team in Odisha operated goods train from Khurda road to Palasa in order to celebrate the free spirit of the young women of a new generation.

This showcased the empowerment, contribution, and equality of the women in Indian railways. With the theme ‘Each for Equal’, the Khurda road division of East Coast Railways (ECoR) is observing International Women’s Day. On Friday also, a Women’s Special Goods train was operated.

The goods train was run by crew members who were Munni Tigga as a loco pilot, Rajeswari Biswal as the assistant loco pilot and Revati Singh as the guard.

The train left Khurda Road at 10:30 am and reached Palasa at 2:30 pm. On the same day, it left Palasa at 5:45 pm and reached Khurda road at 12:45 pm.

Moreover, for the convenience of the all-women staff, the division provided lady running rooms at different stations.

In a statement, ECoR reportedly said, “The women staff is the pride of the division and set an inspiration for the society.”

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