A new motorable road to Kailash Mansarover through Uttarakhand cut travel time to the Kailash Mansarover by several days

Now Kailash Mansarover comes closer to devotees: BRO complete a new motorable road in Uttarakhand

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BRO complete a new motorable road to reach Kailash Mansarover faster, through Uttarakhand

BRO complete a new motorable road to reach Kailash Mansarover faster, through Uttarakhand

Kailash Mansarover is always has a special place in every devotee’s heart. Every year many devotees plans for Kailash Mansarover. And only a few able to reach there due to a long and hard journey to the place.

Till now for this journey to Kailash Mansarovar, it takes around two to three weeks through the Sikkim or Nepal routes. The Lipulekh route had a trek of 90 Km through high altitude terrain. And the elderly faced a lot of difficulties. As earlier roads to Kailas were not so smooth. And this was not easy so every devotee was forced to move on foot to reach there.

“Now cut the travel time to the Kailash Mansarover by several days”

But from now the pilgrimage to the holy Kailash Mansarovar will be much easier and faster. Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has constructed a new motorable road in Uttarakhand. And that will cut the travel time to the sacred mountain by several days.

“Border Roads Organisation efforts made it possible”

By the efforts of the Border Roads Organisation(BRO), this has been made possible. And the 80 Kms long road from Dharchula to Lipulekh pass on the China border is now entirely motorable. Now with the completion of this project, the arduous trek through treacherous high-altitude terrain can now be avoided by travelers.

“Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Congratulated Border Road Organisation for successfully connecting Kailash Masarover route to Lipulekh pass in Uttarakhand”

Indian Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways and MSMEs Nitin Gadkari said on Twitter, “The border villages are finally connected by roads for the first time and Kailash Mansarovar Yatris can now avoid the difficult 90Km trek and move up to China border in vehicles.” This road was inaugurated by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday, who flagged off the first convoy of vehicles from Pithoragarh via video conferencing.

“Construction of the road was not an easy task due to bad weather condition”

There were multiple problems as constant snowfall on the way. Also due to the steep rise in altitude and extremely low temperatures, construction work was hard and delay. As the heavy snow on the way also restricted the working season to five months. Making this construction of the road was too hard. As there were numerous flash floods and cloud bursts over the last few years which led to extensive damages.

“Construction of the road on harsh weather condition was not easy to complete”

On the road towards Kailash, the mountains have the hard rock. And in the initial 20 Kms. and are near vertical due to which BRO also lost many lives. Border Roads Organisation’s many construction’s equipments too were badly damaged. But despite all the problems, BRO was able to increase its output by 20 times by creating multiple attack points. And they have also inducted modern technology equipment for the same.

The Main road that’s the only road to reach Kailash, from the Darchula to Lipulekh is an extension of Pithoragarh-Tawaghat-Ghatiabagarh road. On the journey to Kailash, it originates from Ghatiabagarh and terminates at Lipulekh Pass, the gateway to Kailash Mansarovar.

So by this special effort of Border Road organization now the entire journey till the border will get completed by vehicles.

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