Top interactive social media posts to enhance your post comments

Since social media is an interactive tool that makes us interact, communicate and connect with people and businesses, it has become a big platform for brands and companies as well. Several businesses have started using social media as their primary tools to promote their products and services and connect with their target audiences, however, numerous brands’ social media posts have made it tough for some to witness interactiveness with their audiences.

If you are struggling with creating interactive social media posts for your platform and this has downgraded your performance, then this article can assist you. Today, we will explore a few best interactive social media posts that will definitely assist you in improving the comments on your posts and generating an engaging online platform.

People love fun sharing and interactive posts that make them engage in activities. Hence, you can use them to enhance your social media platform.

Here are some interactive social media posts for your platforms:

  • Crosswords
  • Puzzles
  • Public Opinion Posts
  • Knowledge Test
  • Riddles


Crossword social media posts can be a fun and interactive way to generate excitement and engagement among the audience. Use crosswords as your interactive post strategy and you will witness a substantial change in your audience’s engagement with your platform. For instance, you can use multiple keywords with hints and share them online for people to think of you while solving the crossword. Use words that relate to your field of business such as if you are related to a shipping aggregator company you can use terms like Logistics, eCommerce, Shipping cost, Volumetric Weight, etc.


Using your brand niche and asking people knowledgeable questions about it is another way to spread awareness for your platform as well as information that could help people in their general life routine.

For example, several gym and fitness platforms ask, “What should you have first thing in the morning after waking up” and then people start answering that with their own experiences. Hence, this question, even though a general one, helps share more details, detail and interactiveness among audiences, ultimately, improving your post performance.

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Share PUBLIC OPINION on social media

Whenever you are taking any decision for your business, you might be looking for an expert for advice and in business, no one is the biggest critic, than your own audience and your customers. Therefore, holding a public opinion post on your platform will help you get great advice from your customers as well as make them feel that they hold greater importance in your business. This is one of the best social media platform techniques to engage with your customers and get them to share their opinion on your thoughts or question. This is one of the biggest trends on LinkedIn that most content creators are using in order to get the opinions of their followers and their connections.


Riddles are also a great way to interact with your customers and attract your potential audience towards your platform. Nowadays, most businesses make the big mistake of sharing just promotional posts on their social media channels, however, you must remember that each and everyone using social media platforms is your audience, no matter if they have consumed your product in the previous times or not. Therefore, making interactive posts like riddles will help them engage with your content and later on, visit your platform to check out your business, your products and services.

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