Thieves flee with BMW of drunk UP man who parked the car on roadside to urinate

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Uttar Pradesh: After a UP man parked his car on a roadside in order to urinate, some unidentified “Thieves flee with BMW” car in Noida, the police said on Sunday.

According to the officials, the incident took place on Saturday night in Sector 90 under Phase-2 police station limits. Rishabh Arora, a stockbroker was returning from a party while he was rolling drunk.

As quoted by the police, the car belonged to Rishabh’s brother-in-law and he had a loan pending on the car worth Rs. 40 lakh. The latter had been driving the car for the past 6 or 7 days.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Noida, Harish Chander said that as soon as the case came to light, the police force along with senior officials reached the spot for the investigation.

DCP Harish Chander quoted that Arora stopped his car midway and came out to urinate when some people reached the spot and fled with the vehicle.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police believes that the robbery was well-planned by someone who is known to the owner of the car.

On being asked that if Rishabh Arora would be charged for drinking and driving, DCP Chander told that their priority is the recovery of the car because the robbery had become a big concern for the city.

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While Arora was highly drunk when the incident happened, police, quoting what Arora alleged in his complaint, said that the miscreants had arrived the spot on a motorcycle and put a gun on his head while he was urinating but however, the police find it difficult to believe him owing to his drunk condition.

Meanwhile, as “Thieves flee with BMW” an FIR has been registered against the unidentified robbers and the police are investigating the matter from all angles in order to trace the vehicle.

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