No eatable inside the plane: Know the new rules for domestic air travel in India

rules for domestic air travel

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Domestic flights resuming from 25th May in India. As the ministry of civil aviation said on Thursday that only a third of operations will be allowed right now. Ministry of civil aviation also released the SOPs for those traveling in India through domestic flights.

The ministry said that all passengers must download and use the Aarogya Setu app. And only one check-in bag and one cabin bag will be allowed. It also advised pregnant ladies and passengers with ailments to avoid travel.

Some of the new rules for domestic air travel are:

Only those passengers with confirmed web check-in will be allowed to enter the airport

All Passengers will be required to wear a face mask

Only one check-in bag will be allowed for Passengers

The other measure point to remember to download and use the Aarogya Setu app. And that a self-declaration/Aarogya Setu app status would also be obtained that the passenger is free of Covid-19 symptoms

No magazines or newspaper will be provided by the airlines

“Pregnant ladies and ailing passengers are advised not to travel”

Passengers with ailments and Pregnant ladies are advised to avoid travel

All cabin crew in plane will be in a full protective suit

Passengers with ‘Red’ status in the Aarogya Setu app will not be allowed to travel

The airlines will not provide any meal services on board

Air passengers are advised to minimize the use of lavatory and to avoid any non-essential movement in the aisles

Passenger’s use of baggage trolley to be minimized

Passengers will not be allowed to consume any eatables inside the aircraft during the flight

All those traveling will be thermally screened at the airport entry gate

At the airport all chairs marked ‘not for use’ should not be taken

No person from containment zones are allowed for air travel

All passengers are advised to note these new rules set for domestic air travel to avoid any inconvenience.

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