School after a lockdown in France: Kids made to sit in a chalk square

school after lockdown in France

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France: As France is easing the lockdown restrictions, many people are still anguished to come out. Especially, parents are confused if they should send their children to school after a lockdown or not.

France is starting to normalize everything after an eight-week long lockdown to avoid coronavirus spread. The country imposed a lockdown on March 17. On Monday, many workplaces were opened and the schools were also welcoming the students to attend classes.

“Only preschools and elementary schools have to start up at first”

Only preschools and elementary schools have to start up at first, and classes will be capped at 10 students at preschools and 15 elsewhere. Administrators were told to prioritize instruction for children ages 5, 6, and 10. Because of the slow start-up and on-going fears about COVID-19, attendance is not compulsory in the schools.

“Most of the parents are worried about the uncertainties and confused about precautionary measures in school after a lockdown

The Education Minister of the country reportedly said that around 80 percent of the total pre-schools of the country will re-open this week. Also, Junior High schools in the region with fewer virus cases are expected to reopen on May 18.

“Parents are worried and confused”

Most of the parents are worried about the uncertainties and confused about whether proper precautionary measures would be taken or not.

“I am not reassured at the moment, because it will be very difficult to keep safe distance at school, especially for the little ones, who will want to play together,” reportedly said Cecile Bardin who is a mother of two school going children.

Another woman, Mathlide Manaud reportedly said, “Truth is, we don’t know whether we are right to do so or no, we don’t know if it’s a mistake. We ask ourselves this question every day, and we change our mind every day. We are trying to convince ourselves that if they are reopening, they assume they can handle the situation.”

“The health officials said that children are the least affected by the COVID-19”

However, the health officials have repeatedly said that children are the least affected by the COVID-19. And several studies showed that the closing of schools had a negligible effect on stopping the coronavirus spread.
Even UNESCO estimated that up to 87 percent of students across the world have seen their school being closed. That affecting more than 1.5 young people in 195 countries.

“But pictures showing on social media saying a strange story”

But as in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, France has revived schools in a continuous exertion to ease coronavirus limitations. and it’s also it is indicated by a few social media posts.

Also, some pictures circulated on the social media platform is showing that school after a lockdown in France have been open up. And children are sitting in square painted on the ground with chalk, as they have to follow social distancing rules.

As indicated by reports, the photographs showing in some social media platforms are from the northern French town of Tourcoing, which is on the Belgian border.

“Users found it very disturbing and strange”

Numerous online networking users who shared the photos found it very disturbing and strange.

One user even expresses his feeling as these kinds of measures could affect the mental health of the kid.

Investigate the photos by yourself and read what Twitter user says.

“Social distancing in school in France. Is this education or childcare?

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