CBSE will start live fitness classes for students from April 15 in collaboration with Fit India Mission

CBSE will start live fitness classes for students from April 15 in collaboration with Fit India Mission

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Central Board of Secondary Education is trying to take care of students in India during the lockdown. And already asked schools to provide online classes to the students staying at home. All schools doing their efforts to teach students through online classes. Now as per the reports CBSE is starting Fit India Mission.

Live fitness classes for students from 15th April

The CBSE along with Fit India Mission will begin the online sessions. There will be live fitness sessions for school children from April 15 onwards. These sessions will be streamed live on Fit India’s YouTube channel.

Live fitness classes for students for their overall physical, emotional and mental well being”

In a recent circular to the school principal, the board said “As many schools have already initiated online or virtual classes for students. And it is equally important to invest in their overall physical, emotional and mental well-being at home during this period,”

In a recent letter addressed to school principals, CBSE informed that all the live sessions are downloadable. And can be made available for students as video capsules to be disseminated later.

The sessions, claims the board, will be created to ensure it engages students, teachers as well as parents.

“Five capsules session of five minutes each”

The Fit India Mission has reportedly made five capsules. And these capsules sessions are five minutes each. These capsules are for breaks between online sessions.

So these capsules will be played by schools in between online study sessions.

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Meanwhile, schools are already holding classes online for students until the lockdown. And that is all caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to extend the lockdown till May 3.

Over 11,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus in India. The death toll in the nation due to the virus has reached 339. And for those belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS) of the society, coping with these classes has been difficult.

As per a report, of the 25 crore students affected by the lockdown, 80 percent are from the EWS category.

These students are struggling due to lack of e-learning, know-how and unavailability of required infrastructure.

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