How to stay Hydrated in Summer

How to stay hydrated in summer

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Summers are the best day for beaches and pools. But one should know how to keep themselves active, and energetic. Which can only be done by Being hydrated. If your body is dehydrated it may lead the body not to be fit. If your body don’t have enough fluid and electrolytes to work properly. Then your entire day can be spoil for this simple reason.

How to stay Hydrated in Summer

Facts –

  • It is very challenging to stay hydrated than in cooler temperatures. Because we lose a significant amount of fluid, through our skin in the form of sweat.
  • We should aim for about 3.7 liters of water a day. Whereas women should aim for about 2.7 liters a day.
  • Being hydrated helps body temperature stability. And, bowel regularity, reduced kidney stone risk, and filtering waste products, just to name a few.

Various ways to Stay Hydrated –

1 –  Eat water-rich vegetables and fruits, which boast a high water content such as Watermelon, melon, cucumber and various other eatable food.  

2 – Driver better-tasting water, you have water by adding lemons, strawberries, cucumber slices, mint and as per your taste.  

3 – Seltzer is considered good for hydration, probably don’t want to drink a ton of it, but a glass a day is no problem and counts towards your overall hydration.

4 – Coconut water is the best alteration one should drive the plain coconut water, which doesn’t contain added sugar, and don’t substitute it wholesale for water. 

5 – Iced coffee is a good means of altering intake, moreover about 98 per cent of your morning cup of coffee is water.

6 – Being aware of how much you are losing it, the more you sweat, the more fluids you’ll need to replenish.

7 – Avoid Alcohol as it might be very tempting for one to have a cold beer in a hot summer day but it may result in dehydrating your body

8- Adjust the exercise timings, one should burn calories while the cooler hours for not to lose the energy due to less water content.  

9 – Take cool showers or baths, when it’s a hot summer day, one should take bath frequently for being fresh, hydrated and calm

10 – When you are trusty must make sure you chug a glass of water than anything else

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