Having trouble Working from home? Here are some tips that might help you

Work from home

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Coronavirus pandemic has thrashed the economy all across the globe. In this threatening situation, there are many who’ve started working from home. Obviously, a majority of the people are not habitual of working from home. So, in order to make it easy for you, we have some tips which can help you if you are working from home.

Set real work hours

Firstly, you need to set your working hours accordingly. If you are making it a daily commitment, then you need to look on to the time where your productivity is high. For example, some don’t like to work in the morning and some don’t. So, you need to set the time frame which suits you the most. Also, you need to communicate about it to your colleagues, bosses, and clients. So, that you don’t disturb their schedule.

Stick to your to-do lists and update it

Every morning, you should make a to-do list according to your working hours and strictly follow it every day. In this way, you can become habitual of working from your home. It is easy to forget about the deadlines and prioritization of tasks. Start your day by prioritizing the tasks and set deadlines for it. After the completion of the task, cross it off and move o to the next one. This trick is fulfilling and effective.

Use a Work Management app

If you don’t like to write off things, then you can use some work management app. These can be very helpful and in some, you can manage your group chats, important document files, and schedules.
Some of the work management apps are Basecamp, Asana, and Trello. These come in both PC and mobile versions. If you search for more, there some which are integrated into other apps. Also, most such apps provide free versions.

Download Basecamp app from here: Click here

Download Asana app: Click here

Download Trello app: Click here

Find some isolated place at home

You should avoid working in your living room. This can kill your productivity. Also, the TV or the music being played can distract you. So, it is better to find some isolated place at home where you can work without getting distracted.

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Distance yourself from social media

While working, you need to distance yourself from social media for a while. This can be very helpful as it is the root cause of distraction during work. Further, it kills your time which you can put into your work. Turn off the notifications of social media apps once you start working.

Take short breaks

It is very difficult to work continuously for hours. Therefore, you should take short breaks in between your scheduled working hours. This can boost up your creativity and productivity. But you need to set the time for the breaks. Lengthy breaks can be counterproductive and can make you feel lethargic.

Avoid friends and family during your working hours

This can sound disturbing, but family and friends can interrupt you. It is good to clarify and communicate about the schedule to them. In exchange of it, you need to available for them apart from your working hours.

Set up multiple alarms

Although you don’t need to wake up to run for office, still you must set alarms for the deadlines and schedules. Other than this, you can set the alarm for breaks and meals. Follow a strict routine according to the specified work hours to be more focused and alert.

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