Door to door survey to be conducted in Ludhiana to detect suspect Coronavirus cases

Door to door survey to be conducted in Ludhiana to detect suspect Coronavirus cases

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The health department in Ludhiana will carry-out a “door to door survey” campaign for a week from Thursday to detect the suspected Coronavirus among the people who have recent foreign travel history. This move has been made because the 167 people, having recent foreign travel history, are still untraceable.

Dr. Rajesh Bagga, city’s civil surgeon, reportedly said, “We have shared two lists with the police. The first list consists of 119 people with foreign travel history. Out of those 119, 17 people have been traced. The second list has 77 people and out of those, 12 have been traced. The Union Ministry of external affairs sends us such lists on a daily basis. We are trying our best to track down every person who has recently returned from abroad. We are ascertaining if any one of them is suffering from flu-like symptoms.”
Further, he said that many people with foreign travel history are still not found because of either wrong contact details or wrong address in their passports.

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There will be teams of health officials who will reach every household in Ludhiana. They will ask the occupants to submit a declaration about the people living in the house and whether any of them traveled abroad recently.

The person with recent foreign travel history will have to fill a second form and will be separated from his/her family. Also, a report will be sent to the rapid response team of the health department.

The samples of people having recent foreign travel history and are showing flu-like symptoms will be sent for further checkups.
Multi-purpose health paramedical staff and teachers, integrated child development service program employees and social health activists will conduct the survey, Dr. Bagga informed.

On March 31, Punjab Government ordered the shutdown of colleges, malls, and shopping complexes.

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