Coronavirus burger: Chef in Hanoi makes to boost the morale of patients| READ DETAILS INSIDE

Coronavirus burger

YDNews| “Coronavirus burger | One-minute read

Vietnam: While the whole world is cursing the Coronavirus responsible for huge destruction on the planet, a Hanoi based chef decided to make Corona shaped burgers to attract the people to his place.

Coronavirus burger

Chef Hoang Tung and his team all together have spent days to mold dozens of green-tea stained and crowned burger buns. The design of the burger bun resembles the microscopic image of the Coronavirus. We doubt if anyone would like to eat this one!

In this regard Tung, the Hanoi chef quoted that they have a joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it.

The chef said that Coronavirus is not scary at all after you eat a burger of that shape. He quoted that such initiatives might help boost morale among the people in the Vietnamese capital.

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People have been scared of this disease for quite a long time. So, Tung believes that by thinking this way, they can spread joy among the people.

Hoang Tung is a chef at the Pizza Home takeaway shop situated in downtown Hanoi which is a Vietnamese capital.

To our surprise, the shop was able to sell 50 Corona-shaped burgers in a single day.

Coronavirus in Vietnam:

The situation in Vietnam surrounded by Coronavirus was initially under control. As the 16 cases recorded in the beginning had recovered.

However, later the situation worsens when an influx of overseas visitors and returning Vietnamese citizens brought were found infected of the disease.

Now there are 148 recorded cases of Covid-19 in Vietnam, according to the health ministry of the country. But fortunately, no deaths have been reported so far.

The official authorities at the Vietnamese capital and Ho Chi Minh city have ordered to shut down all non-essential businesses. But however, some food outlets including to that of Tung’s takeaway store are open.

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