Anand Mahindra shares video of cashier using steam iron to disinfect cheque as a coronavirus precaution

Anand Mahindra shares video of cashier using steam iron to disinfect cheque as a coronavirus precaution

YDNews| 07:25 pm| Coronavirus precaution

Gujrat: A video went viral on Twitter which reportedly shows how coronavirus has scared the nation. Amid the scenario, a cashier is seen using a steam iron in order to disinfect a cheque from the visitors. The video is from a branch of Bank of Baroda in Gujarat which has surfaced all over the Internet.

While the whole nation is experiencing a 21-day lockdown, some of the essentials services like banks are still operating for the general public.

A man named Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter handle to share the viral video on the unusual incident. The video is now traveling several social media platforms for public attention.

The video shows how a man hands over a cheque to the cashier through the video. The cashier sitting on the other side of the window is wearing face mask and hand gloves. He collects the cheque with a tong, puts it on the table and then runs a steam iron over it. This effort of his was to disinfect the virus over the cheque if any.

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As suggested by Anand Mahindra’s caption of his Twitter post, he received the video via Whatsapp. He quotes that he personally does not have any idea if the idea works or not for real but he asked the citizens to appreciate his little effort and creativity.

Have a look at the Coronavirus precaution’s video:

After the video was uploaded it received over 118 k views followed by reactions of the netizens on the dunny gesture of the cashier. Some of the users feel that this was a Desi Jugaad while many others appreciated the movement.

Not only this but the official account of Bank of Baroda kicked into the comment section of Anand Mahindra’s Tweet and expressed their thanksgiving to Mahindra. The post was to thank Anand Mahindra to appreciate the creativity of Bank of Baroda’s staff member.

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