8 ways to help animals and birds survive the summer

8 ways to help animals and birds survive the summer

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8 ways to help animals and birds survive the summer

While people may easily obtain the food and water they need to stay cool during the heat, animals find it more difficult. While we can complain and speak out about the unbearable summer heat. We are far from the only ones who are affected.

The recent record-breaking heatwaves in Northwest and Central India trigger a heartbreaking turn of events. A that has seen extremely dehydrated birds fall from the sky. Hundreds of weary and thirsty birds are also being saved in Ahmedabad. As heatwaves dry up water supplies in and around the city, according to reports from Gujarat.

Animals and birds, unlike humans, cannot adjust their body temperatures through sweat. As temperatures rise over 25-37°C (based on where you are in India! ). They potentially lose not just their livelihood but also spread viral illnesses among their colonies.

We found some interesting and helpful tried-and-tested methods from kind souls looking to make this summer a little easier on their animal companions. Here’s how you can try them too:

Coconut birdhouse

A popular way to beat the heat

While coconut water is a popular way to beat the heat. The entire fruit offers cooling effects that may be used by other animals, including birds. All you have to do is drill a hole in the coconut for the birds to take shelter from the sun.

“A student gave this unique bird feeder to me as a gift, and it has been occupied by a family of wrens for several summers. The young often come to the opening with mouths open, hoping for adults to return with food,” wrote Mauriea Lewis-Wheeler on Pinterest by sharing the picture.

You may create this house yourself by drilling a hole or using a screwdriver to make a hole. Place it outside your home and watch as little birds flock to it for shelter.

Folding dog house

Cost-effective method

About 35 million stray dogs live in India. Where they are frequently force to face harsh weather conditions, accidents, and cruelty. While many people and organizations work to help at least a few, feeding and caring for them remains a controversial topic for many.

This folding dog house is a cost-effective method to give shelter to our animal companions outside. If you want to make their lives simpler. The allot model is a useful shelter for stray dogs built out of recycled billboards. Developed in Thailand by an organization called Stand for Strays. It may also help in getting rid of old boards in this manner.

Recycled bird feeder

Create something from leftover thermocol sheets

Have you got any leftover thermocol sheets or boxes from some freshly purchase home equipment at home? Use your imagination to create a bird feeder. 

A thermocol sheet can help you achieve a 5-degree Celsius temperature reduction. Place a clay pot filled with water and bird food inside the thermocol shelter for easy access. A terrace is the best location for this. Make the feeder attractive and efficient by using wooden sticks or anything else that comes to mind.

Upcycled bird feeder

Cool bird feeder

“A desi ‘kanastar’ (canister) upcycled into a cool & functional bird-feeder.

You too can make a bird feeder out of a canister. In the summer, it can easily handle both bird’s feed and water. The water can also be kept cool in the tin. It may be hung on a hook on the terrace or a tree surrounding the home.

Stray shelter


Strays wandering without shelter in the severe winter conditions of North India. Finally have found a home in Vaishali, Ghaziabad.With an appropriate roof, blankets, and other essentials. The device has been built so that the animals can live through summer and winter. Whereas these shelters are mostly for stray dogs. They may be built for any animals walking the streets.

“In these houses, there are special shades and warm blankets so that those poor animals can take the facility of those rooms,” reported Laughing Colours.

Water for stray

Clay pots keep water cold

One act of kindness can save many lives. Buy a clay pot, fill it with clean water, and place it anywhere on the street (without hindering the pathways), or even in front of your house. Stray animals like cows, dogs, and cats can survive the extreme heat of summer and quench their thirst this way. Clay pots will keep the water cold throughout the day. Take some time to clean and fill them every day.

Sunny, a pharmacist and animal welfare activist from Tumkur, runs a gaushala where 500 sick, injured and old cattle are nurtured. Prior to starting the home, he used to place such pots.

“It was heartbreaking to witness animals die from thirst. Temperatures are rising, and animals are looking for water sources that have mainly dried up owing to the extreme heat. “I witnessed hundreds of animals drinking from the first pot the day I kept it, and it was a reassuring sight,” he told Yahoo News.

Shady carts

Protect animals

A photo of a bullock carriage with a handmade bag cover protecting the bull from the heat started to spread on social media in 2017. During a heatwave at the time, it was praised as a gesture of goodwill to animals. The temperature has increased to a higher degree today, but the image remains important.

“The voiceless animal got some relief from the scorching heat after its owner decided to provide shade. The picture tells the entire story of how the bull’s owner ensured that the poor animal does not have to suffer the heat,” reported Oneindia.

Hanging water pots

Satisfy thirst

Placing water pots wherever available is one of the simplest methods to assist the birds in satisfying their thirst. It is essential to use hanging pots that are easily seen by birds. Traditional earthen bird feeders/hanging pots may be ordered online or from street sellers and can be placed on the terrace or in any other outdoor location. Terracotta bird baths are also an excellent choice.

Hence, These 8 ways to help animals and birds survive the summer can make a big difference in society. Join us in making this world more beautiful for every creature.

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