How to create your own server at home for web hosting?

How to make your own server at home?

YD News | How to create your own server?

If you want to set your own website without paying than Now it’s possible. You just need a good internet connection and hardware spare. Now you are all set your own home server. You will not only save your money but also gives you an option to choose the software on which the server will run.
Steps how to create tour own server at home:

1. Choose your hardware

The first step to hosting a website is to choose hardware that is capable of hosting. How many users you are expecting for your website and do you need a lot of storage power? In the starting, you just need a PC and the desirable software but you will need the power requirements if you are planning to run your website 24/7. 

2. Choose between Linux or windows

After hardware, the next step is to choose your operating system. You need to choose between Linux and windows. Around 70% of servers are currently using Linux for their website. The reason can be many for example less cost and the ease of using it. 
 If you want to run a window web you need to pay accordingly. Linux is more secure with fewer opportunities for hackers to exploit. It also depends on keeping your software up to date. So choose your software wisely. 

3. An appropriate connection for Hosting

A connection suitable for web hosting is mandatory. You need high uploading and downloading speed for the smooth functioning of your website. You need to upload data to each user who can access your site. There are many tools through which you can test your internet speed, Also check whether you have any data limit or not. 

4. Set up your Server 

The next step in the list is to set your server. It depends on the operating system you are using for your server. If you decided to use Linux then Apache, Lighttpd, or NGINX are three options you can install. Once your server is set, Now configured for web traffic. You need the best tools to maintain and configure your website. 

5. Domain names

The last step is to find an appropriate domain name so that people can find you easily.  People will find you only through your user name, Instead of numbers you should use an easy name for your users. No need to purchase and register your domain name. You can also register a free domain Like No IP. After this, you are all set to start your own website at home.

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