Story-God is Nowhere: A motivational small tale of a Scientist

Story God is Nowhere: A motivational small tale of a Scientist

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We all, who have grown up with joint family culture, already have many of their memories down the line in the past.

Most of us aware of the importance of family gathering, where we played small games, spends time together and also the favorite pass time was listening to a story from our elders. And even some bedtime story recite by our elders are memorable moments in each one us.

Even some of us are very good at cooking up the story in our day to day life. So we can say the story is everywhere, either in Films, TV shows or in daily life.

Even some story motivate so much and plays an important role in life. It just depends that how we take it.

So here is an interesting small God is Nowhere of a scientist. Just read it

Once there was an American scientist. He was very famous and successful with many inventions to his name. He was very proud of his success and all his inventions.

His pride led him to believe that all things that exist in this world are a result of scientific miracles and inventions and that God did not exist, he was, in fact, man’s imagination.

“God is Nowhere”

He thought all that existed in the world was due to man’s hard work and god play no part in their lives. His belief strengthened over time, and one day he got rid of all holy books and pictures and wrote on his front door ‘GOD IS NOWHERE’.

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Years passed, and one night when he was asleep an angel of God woke him up. The scientist asked,” who are you ?” he replied,” I’m an angel of god.your time on earth has come to an end. Now you shall come with me.”

Listening to this word all of his life cycle came in front of eyes and realized, This is the end of his life.

Now he can not stop this moment, even having with him all of his great scientific achievement.

“God is Now-Here”

The scientist thought a moment and asked for a few minutes and went to his front door. He now wrote on the board, ‘GOD IS NOW-HERE ’.

We should believe in god’s existence or not is just a matter of personnel belief but if the scientist can change his mind and realized all at the end of his life that everything that we have is due to his blessings. We should also give a thought on it.

Now we have to think, what is our take of this “Story God is Nowhere”.

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