8 Summer Nature & Adventure Camps for children

8 Summer Nature & Adventure Camps for children

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8 Summer Nature & Adventure Camps for children

As school vacations are about to begin, parents are on the hunt for methods to keep their children entertained. After the pandemic, the youngsters are happier to spend time away from home and at summer camps.

In addition here are a few camps to consider if you want your children to engage in adventure and nature. Spend time outside, meet new friends, and learn more about themselves and their surroundings:

8 Nature & Adventure Summer Camps for children

Let’s find out 8 Summer Nature & Adventure Camps for children

RiSa Astronomy, Bengaluru

RiSa Astronomy is in Bengaluru. As the name suggests it provides both adult’s and children’s astronomy camps. It is both entertaining and educational. And their campgrounds have top-of-the-line amenities, knowledgeable personnel, and lots of opportunities.

Moreover, you can stare at the night sky while sleeping in tents.
RiSa Astronomy is run by self-taught astronomer Ashish Kumar. As a matter of fact, he holds most of its camps at Denkanikottai, Tamil Nadu, around 70 kilometers from Bengaluru. Participants study the fundamentals of astronomy and use telescopes to see astronomical objects and the sun.

Adults and children are all welcome to register for their overnight camp.

However, minors should be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or parents.

Pugmarks, Mumbai/Pune

Pugmarks, founded in Pune by three ardent conservationists. And the ultimate goal is to expose young minds to the joys of the outdoors and wildlife conservation. Every year, they hold a variety of camps for children and young people. They offer different types of camps. And it includes adventure camping, wildlife camping, lake view camping, and so on.

Mysuru Zoo Wildlife Camp

Even though every year, the Mysuru Zoo hosts a wildlife summer camp. It provides a unique and educational experience for students. It is for students who want to learn about animals.

And in the months of April and May, the camp is available to children aged 12 to 18 years old for ten days.

So during the camp, the kids learn about many aspects. Like wildlife conservation essentials, captive wild animal management, animal behavioral research, wildlife crimes, and regulations. As a matter of fact, they get to know about captive animal health care management and the necessity of wildlife preservation. Field activities include zoo patrol, interactions with animal caretakers, and visits to Karanji Lake Nature Park and the Regional Museum of Natural History. Lastly after the camp is successful, the participants will get a certificate.

Camps by Inme and Youreka, Multiple places

After all it is one of India’s oldest and largest outdoor adventure-based organizations, Inme-Youreka, provides a variety of camping choices. Their adventurous camps are available to youngsters aged 9 to 17 and are located across the nation in places like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and others. The camps are into three levels: explore (9-12 years old), discover (10-17 years old), and challenge (9-12 years old) (13-17 years).
And children participate in a range of activities and challenges during their camps. Such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting, mountain biking, and more.

Foliage Outdoors, Multiple places

This organization works in the field of ecotourism for providing wildlife, adventure, and trekking trips. They offer a long list of camps for children. Also In different categories that cater to the ages between 8 and 18. There are wildlife camps for children of 10-16 years, adventure camps for 12-18 years, and kids’ camps for 8-12 years.
Children could engage in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, cave exploration, trekking, kayaking, scavenger hunt, and more.

The Outback Experience, Bengaluru

The Outback farm and guesthouse, set on the outskirts of the Bannerghatta National Park,]. it is a great place for families to go animal tracking, fishing, and photographing. They organize camps and seminars for both children and adults. Provides interesting learning opportunities for budding photographers and wildlife lovers.

The photography camp is led by Philip Ross, an award-winning photographer, and co-founder of the farm. Children get to see the finest that Bannerghatta has to offer in terms of nature and fauna.

Outlife camps, Multiple places

Outlife offers outdoor, adventure, and experiential education summer programs for kids as young as eight years old up to young people as old as seventeen. But their programs are to introduce young people to hands-on learning, which leads to meaningful experiences, self-discovery, and character development.

Outdoor activities include trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, animal safaris, outdoor skills, nature education, and community service in the educational camping excursions. On the outskirts of Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, they have various camp places.

Nature Camps by Jai Sharma, Karnataka

Mr. Jai Sharma, a noted wildlife photographer and a National Geographic certified educator, storyteller, and passionate wildlife enthusiast, has been organizing workshops, seminars, and lectures on environmental education for the past several years. He conducts nature study camps and field trips for different age groups.

Besides activities, he also offers like safari, bird and butterfly trail, farm visits, trekking, and more.

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