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Yoga has been the best way of meditation and physical workout for ages. While most of the celebrities believe and recommend yoga as the ultimate healing power, it has the power to cure diseases like Arthritis and Bipolar. We will today tell you about the ultimate benefits of Yoga and how it keeps us happy and healthy.


We are here to tell you all the reasons why you should actually perform yoga on a daily basis. Not only physically, but it benefits you mentally also.

Builds muscle strength

While we perform this fitness activity, it tends to gradually increase our muscle strength. Our muscle strength helps protect us from physical conditions such as Arthritis and Back Pain. If one picks for the gym rather than Yoga, our muscle power might increase but at the expense of flexibility.

Increases your blood flow

Yoga exercises provide us relaxation and deliver more oxygen to our cells which, as a result, functions well. Further, it helps the circulation, especially in our hands and feet. Several poses of Yoga have differing functions. For instance, some Asanas allow oxygenated blood to flow within several body parts and wring out the venous blood.

Lowers your blood sugar and blood pressure

If a person is facing high blood pressure then Yoga will come to their rescue. Also, Yoga lowers Blood sugar, bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol. When both your blood sugar level and blood pressure lessens, the risks of diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness also decreases.

Increases your focus

The exercise gives peace to one’s mind and when we perform Yoga, our focus on a particular as well as multiple tasks. Many studies say that it practice improves memory, problem solving, retention, coordination, control over emotions and one’s reactions.

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Makes you happy

Studies believe that mostly, people indulge in half an hour yoga session which makes it easier for people to concentrate on present rather than scrutinizing the past and negative thoughts.

Boosts brain power

According to the University of Illinois, a short 20-minute session of Hatha yoga helps improve focus and retention. So if one really wants to de-stress and relax them, try some asanas on the mat instead.

Helps those with Bipolar disorder

Research published in The Journal of Psychiatric Practice suggests that is can help people manage the problem of Bipolar disorder. The study found yoga helpful and as a ‘life-changing’ practice when asked from 100 people facing mental issues but practicing it on a regular basis.

Combats negative influences

Often stress brings negative vibes, fear, anxiety, and worry which eventually leads to even depression. With these exercises, the circulation within our body organs improves and positive brain hormones are released such as dopamine. It ensures a person’s happiness, improved mindset and positive outlook towards life.

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