Health officers paste quarantine sticker outside singer Kaur B’s house, removes later

Health officers paste quarantine sticker outside singer Kaur B's house, removes later


Kaur B: Punjabi singer Kaur B has alleged that a quarantine sticker was pasted outside her house here today.

However, the government health officials have said that it was mistakenly pasted because of miscommunication and has been removed.

The singer alleged that on April 10, some government officials came to her house. She had been at her native village Navagaon from last 15 days.

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She reportedly said, “I came to my village from Chandigarh 15 days ago. No one came to check me and my family at that time. I understand the fatality Coronavirus can cause and I am completely fine healthwise. On Friday, a team of health officials came to my house and checked me and my family and spread fake news that they have quarantined me.”

Moonak SMO, Dr. Rajesh Kumar reportedly said that it happened because of miscommunication. Another pasted the sticker outside her house without permission.

Further, he said that the singer was fine and the quarantine sticker was immediately removed.

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