5 belly fat reduction exercises that will do a benefit to you

5 belly fat reduction exercises that will do a benefit to you

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5 belly fat reduction exercises: While sitting at home and doing no physical activity, we might become fat and unfit until the lockdown ends. However, I have many of my friends who have started complaining about increasing belly fat due to reduced outdoor activities. But however, if you also have the same issues, here we have collected a number of exercises that can make you control your belly fat. After all, who likes an increased and fat belly?

Please note, if you are new to the exercises thing, we suggest you start with fewer sets and increase them with each passing day. Also, if you are doing, say, 5 push-ups and you get tired after completing the 3rd one, take you time rest and then complete the other 2. Because leaving your exercise halfway might affect your body reversely.

So here are 5 belly fat reduction exercises:

Start with a mild warm-up

For a warm-up, you can use skipping rope so as to avoid getting cramps on your body.

Mountain Climbers exercise

This one is the best in order to reduce your belly fat as it gives sweat to your belly and proper use of all body muscles.

Do sit-ups

Sit-ups sweat your belly fate out so more sets of sit-ups would do no harm to you.


Sprawls involve exercising your whole body including every muscle. It helps you burn calories and help you shape plus tone upper and lower body.

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Reverse crunches

They can also help you reduce some amount of your belly’s extra fat. The more exercise you do which gives stress on your belly, the more it will benefit you.


Push-ups help burn your calories and gain a good amount of strength. So, one must start doing pushups.


Not much but a little running can do wonders to your body. Not too fast, not too slow, running can also help you not only reduce belly fat but ensures other benefits too. Reduction in other health issues ensures health endurance, strength and many others.

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