Yogi Adityanath announces Rs 1000 per day for state’s daily wage laborers

Yogi Adityanath

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The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath made an announcement on Saturday saying that Rs. 1,000 each will be given to 15 lakh daily wage laborers in the state every day. Other than that, the same amount of money would be given to 20.37 lakh construction workers across the state via direct benefit transfer, the reports say.

CM of Utter Pradesh, “Yogi Adityanath announces Rs 1000”. And the announcement has been made as the country is fighting hard to stop the spread of deadly Coronavirus. Yogi Adityanath reportedly said, “Rs 1000 each will be given to 15 lakh daily wage laborers and 20.37 lakh construction workers via direct benefit transfer so that they can meet their daily needs.”

The UP Chief Minister also urged the public to adhere to the “Janta Curfew” called by Narendra Modi on Sunday, March 22. Further, he informed that all metro, city and state bus services will remain closed on March 22.

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Moreover, he appealed to the public not to panic over the Coronavirus pandemic. He assured that the state has sufficient medical facilities in the state.

“Please don’t rush to shops to buy things and hoard commodities. We have sufficient stock of essential commodities and medicines in the state,” CM said.

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Yogi also informed that there were 23 positive cases of Coronavirus in the state. He also said there is a sufficient number of isolation wards in Uttar Pradesh. “A total of 23 people in Uttar Pradesh have been tested positive for Coronavirus. Out of the total cases, nine have already recovered. We have a sufficient number of isolation wards in the state,” Yogi reportedly said.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health and family welfare informed that Coronavirus positive cases in India now stands at 258 including 39 foreign nationals.

The global death toll due to Coronavirus has crossed 10,000 people.

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