Watch Super Pink Full Moon in India |Date and Timings inside

Watch Super Pink Full Moon in India |Date and Timings inside


Super Pink Full Moon: While the nation stands still amid the lockdown, a celestial happening is going to happen. You can watch a Super Pink Full Moon from your rooftops or balconies. We’ll tell you the date and timings of this celestial event.

As the Indian Express reports, the moon is called Super Moon when it appears at the perigee (Full moon’s closest approach to earth). According to the old Native American culture, the full moon of April is called the Pink Moon. Therefore, the upcoming perigean full moon is being called the Super Pink Moon.

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Date and Timings of Pink Full Moon

The dates and the timings will vary from country to country because of the longitudinal differences. But on April 7, the moon will be brighter and look even bigger than usual. It will give the best view when it will rise on the eastern horizon.

As told earlier, the timings will vary by the time zone.

According to The Indian Express, this Super Pink Moon will be visible on April 8 at 8:05 am in the morning. Try and find out an unobstructed spot from where you can see the moon clearly.

As the reports, the name Pink Moon comes from the pink flowers which bloom in the spring season in North America. The Wild Ground Phlox or the Moss Phlox covers the ground completely like a pink blanket around the time of Pink Moon.

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