“Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai”, PM Modi locks down the nation for next 21 days, LIVE UPDATES

YDNews| 08:30 PM| Coronavirus Modi addresses nation

Coronavirus locks India: While addressing the nation about the wide-spread Coronavirus outbreak, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nation-wide lockdown for the next 21 days which will be in effect from today midnight.

Modi quoted that the nation requires these lockdowns because the Covid-19 is becoming even more dangerous for the country. “I am urging my countrymen to stay inside their homes. My request is not like a Prime Minister of the nation but as your family member,” Narendra Modi urged to people.

Modi quoted that the Coronavirus has taken the country 21 years back in terms of health conditions. In order to stop this, we must practice social-distancing for the next 21 days.

He also said that countries like China and Italy have the best health care facilities in the entire world, but however, they failed to tackle the problem and the same is getting all over their country.

  • Narendra Modi also shared the statistics about the current cases and deaths due to Coronavirus.
  • He also said that Coronavirus in our country can be handle only if we bound ourselves inside the houses for the next few days.
  • He further asked the countrymen to work with patience and stay calm and promise to ourselves to co-operate with us.
  • PM also thanked all the health providers and caregivers for risking their lives in order to saves others.
  • Further, he asked people not to believe in the grapevines or the rumors.
  • Do not take medicines without medical advice from the doctors.
  • While comforting the citizens, Modi also told that the central government is working hard to strengthen the medical facilities.
  • The central government has facilitated Rs. 15,000 crore for the required medical health providers like medicines, hospitals, wards, etc.

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