India receives 1.7 lakh PPE kits from China says Union Health Ministry

India receives 1.7 lakh PPE kits from China: Union Health Ministry

YDNews| 08:00 pm| India

India: The Union Health Ministry on Monday reportedly said that India received 1.7 lakh Personal Protection Equipment kits donated by China. It further said that along with 20,000 domestic coveralls, a total of 1.9 lakh coveralls will be distributed in the hospitals all across the country.

Before this donation, India reportedly had 3,87,473 PPE kits, the ministry said. In a press release, the ministry said, “Supply lines from abroad opened up today with the receipt of 1.70 lakh Personal Protection Equipment coveralls from China which has been donated to the government of India.”

Further, it informed that 2.94 lakh PPE coveralls have been provided to the states by the center. Also, 2 lakh domestically produced N-95 masks are being sent to different hospitals. The government of India has also supplied 20 lakh N-95 masks.

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Regarding the availability of masks, the ministry said, “About 16 lakh N-95 masks are presently available in the country, and this figure will increase with the fresh supply of 2 lakh masks.”

The major portion of this supply is sent to severely hit states of India like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi, and Rajasthan.

Also, these are supplied to AIIMS Safdarjung and RL hospitals, RIMS, BHU, AMU, and NEIGRIHMS.

An order for 80 lakh complete PPE kits had been placed on a Singapore based platform earlier. Now it has been indicated that supplies will commence from April 11, the ministry said.

According to the reports, in all, orders of 112.76 lakh standalone N95 masks and 157.32 lakhs PPE coveralls have been placed. Out of these, 80 lakh PPE kits will include N95 masks.

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