Hematidrosis explained! A condition where you sweat blood

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Have you ever heard of a person who doesn’t sweat but bleed? Imagine you wake up one day and see blood coming out from face, eyes, ears or forehead?

The thought of it is creepy and scary. However, there are people who experience this every day.

HEMATIDROSIS is a disease where a person bleeds instead of sweating. Although this condition is not scientifically proven this phenomenon is not a myth but a true fact.

This condition has been mentioned a lot in history. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote about brave soldiers sweating blood before going to the battlefield. The Holy Bible claims Jesus sweating blood while praying before the crucifixion.

The disease is a mysterious one because of occurences. Mostly, the studies only find one or two rare cases related to Hematidrosis. Also, it is not a medical condition so the treatment is based on unveiling the root cause of it.

The disease is also known as hematohidrosis or hemidrosis. Many studies suggest that this disease is caused by stress and involuntary nervous system.


This condition occurs when a person faces intense fear or stress. A person facing death may have this sort of condition.
When a person faces such stressful situations, the capillary blood vessels break down. These vessels feed the sweat glands, causing them to release blood.


It is not a life-threatening condition. This condition has a minor effect on your body as due to blood and sweat lose leads dehydration and weakness. Doctors may ask you for several tests which include:

• Blood tests- to check white and red blood cells count

• Biopsies of the bleeding area- to check the existence of abnormal cells
• Tests for infections
• Psychological tests
• Brain Scans
Mostly, doctors give medication to facilitate your stress and dehydration. Due to stress and anxiety, doctors suggest you visit psychologists and for the continuous occurrence of this condition, doctors may keep you under observation for a while or more.

At the same time, some research suggests that Beta-blockers which are a group of drugs that reduce high blood pressure can help slowing down or stopping the flow of blood sweats.

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