Coronavirus precautions: Consuming these food items would lessen your risk to catch COVID-19

Coronavirus precautions: Coronavirus has slowly become a threat to the entire world. It has not only effected deaths all across but now people are forced be to locked inside their own houses in order to avoid getting infected.

However, there is no specific medical treatment to cure such virus but Coronavirus precautions can be taken. According to the researchers and scientists, if you have a strong Immune system, it’ll become easier for you to fight Covid-19. And not only this Coronavirus, but a strong immune system also keeps a number of viruses away from you.

Moreover, as suggested by the ongoing conditions, consumption of immunity-boosting foods is not only suggested but badly required. Replace your diet with a healthy lifestyle.

As per Coronavirus precautions, treat yourself with these 5 healthy food items in order to beat Coronavirus:

Citrus Fruits

Have oranges, grapefruits, and lemons in your diet because they are filled with essential nutrients. They not only boost your immunity but helps to fight diseases like cancer as well. Citrus fruits are rich in minerals and vitamin C that helps to strengthen immunity. Other than this, these are also known for there anti-inflammatory and antioxidants character which gives you smooth skin.


Papaya consists of antioxidants and photo-nutrients. This help keeping your heart healthy. As you consume raw papaya, it not only maintains your blood sugar levels but keeps a check on cholesterol as well. Well, this fruit is an immunity booster as well because it is rich in vitamin A, B, C, and K. Moreover, Papaya also reduces oxidative stress in adults and boost immunity.

Green Tea

How many times did you think to start having green tea to lose weight? Well, drinking green tea at this time has become quite necessary because it fills you with energy and keeps your immune system healthy. Green Tea lessens the blood sugar levels in your body which balances the immune system. So, you might not mind adding it to your daily routine?


Now not just with Paranthas but you will have to consume Yoghurt especially too. Yoghurt is not just rich in protein but is a great source of Vitamin D which would help you boost your immunity. Yoghurt, as you know, is a dairy product and these ones tend to reduce the heart risk in the human body.

Nuts and Seeds

Yes! Your mom was right and remember how you used to fight with her for not eating almonds? Almonds, groundnut, dates, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and apricots and highly rich in magnesium, zinc and Omega-3 that helps boosting immunity. They are also a source of vitamin A, D, E and K those are fat-soluble and help prevent cold.

Other than these food items, you can also consume turmeric, neem leaves, garlic, spinach, ginger, broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, oatmeal, and honey to improve the immune system.

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