Coronavirus outbreak: Door-to-door campaign in Andhra Pradesh tracks 10,000 foreign returnees

Andhra Pradesh

YDNews| 08:25 pm| One-minute read

The Andhra Pradesh state government has tracked down 10,000 foreign returnees by conducting a door-to-door campaign. According to the reports, the authorities have deployed over 2.5 lakh volunteers all across the state. Each volunteer holds a responsibility to screen 50 households.

A media report claims that they have screened 1,38, 58,747 houses out of the total 1,43,91,654 registered households present in Andhra Pradesh. Through this campaign, the government has tracked 10,000 foreign returns in the state.

Out of these 10,000, 140 citizens have reportedly shown symptoms of Coronavirus and the rest are asymptomatic. Moreover, the volunteers are also spreading awareness about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ regarding the disease. Also, the authorities are expanding the drive to track down every symptomatic person in Andhra Pradesh.

With the help of this campaign, the state government can track the people who are intentionally hiding their travel history and ones whose names are not mentioned in the Centre government’s records.

If a volunteer finds someone with Coronavirus symptoms, then an entry is to be made on an application provided. These entries are directly monitored by the respective district health authorities. Depending upon the need, immediate actions are taken after that.

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