Coronavirus in animals: New York city’s tiger becomes the first animal to test positive of COVID-19 on the planet

Coronavirus in animals: New York city's tiger becomes the first animal to test positive of COVID-19 on the planet

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Coronavirus in animals: Amid a weird turn to the coronavirus pandemic, a tiger in New York city has been tested positive of the coronavirus making it the first one from the wildlife displaying such disease. The tiger witnessed some symptoms after testing positive. The news came from the Bronx Zoo of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

As for the consequences suggests, the tiger was believed to have caught the disease from a caretaker at the zoo, who was symptomatic earlier while he was in contact with these big cats. However, the zoo has been locked out since mid-March. The 4-year-old tiger named Nadia developed a dry cough along with 3 other tigers and 3 African lions in the Bronx Zoo. However, they are expected to recover soon.

The director of the Bronx zoo, Jim Breheny quoted in a statement that it was an extremely difficult phase for the entire team to have experienced such circumstances. He also ensured that they will try and combat the situations as much as one can.

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However the incident raised the question if the animals can also transmit the disease further to someone. On this Dr. Jane Rooney, a veterinarian and a USDA official quoted that there is no such clarification on the claim since there are no shreds of evidence to prove that the animals can also spread the virus to humans or they can be a source of infection in the US.

It was Sunday when the USDA said that they do not recommend coronavirus testing among the animals, or employees at the zoos or anywhere else.

However, still, Rooney claimed to have tested a small number of animals in the US through USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratories. Fortunately, every sample tested m=negative except for that of Nadia’s sample.

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