Coronavirus fact check: Myths and Facts about Covid-19

Coronavirus fact check

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Coronavirus fact check: There are some simple guidelines that we know that can prevent Coronavirus transmission. Like, washing hands frequently, social distancing and cleaning the surfaces frequently. But many myths are being shared on social media about the protection from Coronavirus.

Even before COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic, people started sharing different advice on how to protect themselves from getting infected. There are a lot of rumors being shared on social media about Coronavirus. We are here to bust some myths and get your facts right.

Myth 1: Warm weather will kill Coronavirus
Even American President Donald Trump had said that Coronavirus will go away in April as the weather gets warmer.

Fact: According to the World Health Organization, this virus can be spread all across the globe. It also includes countries with a very hot climate. An expert from WHO reportedly said that they don’t yet know if Coronavirus was a seasonal virus-like Influenza which loses its ability to infect cells with a rise in temperature.

Myth 2: Garlic and herbs protect us from Coronavirus
Garlic boosts up your immune system. There have been rumors that it can also help you prevent Coronavirus infection. Also, some posts suggest that the leftover water of the boiled garlic can be helpful. Also, some suggest that brewing tea from herbs can safeguard kids from Coronavirus.

Fact: Undoubtedly, garlic is good for immunity. But WHO does not suggest that it can’t protect you from Coronavirus transmission. The same goes for herbal tea.

Myth 3: Spraying bleach and alcohol can protect from Coronavirus
More and more people are rushing for the hand sanitizers. There are some looking for other ways and finding disinfectant sprays for their bodies and clothes.

Fact: WHO suggests that disinfectants, rubbing alcohol or bleach can damage your mucous membrane. One should not even think of drinking bleach. Doing this can cause death.

Myth 4: Avoiding Ibuprufen if one gets infected with Coronavirus
Health Minister of France, Olivier Véran tweeted on March 14 to avoid Iboprufen or cortisone could be a factor of worsening the virus infection. He further said one must take paracetamol in case of fever.

Fact: The European Medicines Agency reportedly issued a statement saying there is no scientific evidence of taking ibuprofen could worsen a Coronavirus infection. The WHO has also agreed to it.

Myth 5: If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds, you aren’t affected by Coronavirus

The idea behind this is that Coronavirus infection can cause pulmonary fibrosis- a lung disease which leads to irreversible scarring and hardening of the lung tissues.

There are many posts saying that if a person can hold the breath for 10 seconds easily, then you don’t have pulmonary fibrosis and hence you are not infected by Coronavirus.

Fact: The fact is that this is not the only test to diagnose Coronavirus infection. It is possible for Coronavirus to cause fibrosis but this not a confirmatory test. You should need a variety of tests performed by a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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