Cipla support COVID-19 patients and healthcare ecosystem in India, sets-up Rs. 25 crore fund

Cipla support COVID-19 patients and healthcare ecosystem in India

  • Sets-up an INR 25 crore ‘Caring for Life’ COVID-19 dedicated Fund to support patients, the healthcare ecosystem, and communities. Includes a contribution from employees towards this compassionate cause
  • Launches a spate of relief efforts for advance testing, to safeguard healthcare providers and extend humanitarian care to communities with supplies of medicines, essential hygiene items, and food

Cipla support COVID-19 patients and healthcare ecosystem in India

Mumbai, Maharastra, India: Cipla Limited, today announced an Rs. 25 crore fund to support the Indian Government’s efforts to effectively combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes a voluntary donation of approximately Rs. 3 crore from Cipla employees who have stepped forward in this hour of national need. Through its wide-ranging relief efforts, the Company is focusing on initiatives that have the maximum impact and reach. It is currently supporting public health institutions, frontline healthcare workers, vulnerable patients, and communities struggling in the aftermath.

Of the Rs. 25 crores set aside for COVID response, the Company has announced a donation of Rs. 9 crores to the PM CARES Fund. In addition, Cipla has announced a donation of Rs. 8 crores to different State authorities. These contributions will help to further several immediate and long-term relief efforts that the country needs to combat the size and scale of the crisis it is confronted with. Over and above, the Cipla Foundation, the social responsibility arm of Cipla, has committed Rs 4 crore towards COVID response programs, many of which are already underway. The Company has also allocated Rs. 4 crores towards the supply of essentials including medicines, personal protective equipment, sanitisers, masks, gloves, and food.

Cipla supports COVID-19 patients and healthcare ecosystem in India as Cipla is combatting the crisis on multiple fronts:

Caring for patients

The company has implemented a spate of stringent safety measures in line with social distancing norms so that the manufacturing and distribution of essential medicines can continue despite challenges of remote working. Employees have been working at manufacturing locations and depots, driven to uphold the interest of patients in these difficult times.

Cipla has also launched a toll-free helpline to assist its patients in procuring essential medication across therapies from pharmacies and health- care institutions. Through its Foundation, the company has been supporting public health and charitable hospitals to manage the crisis and serve vulnerable patients in need. The Foundation has partnered with several hospitals in Mumbai, Maharastra to strengthen the state’s healthcare infrastructure to tackle the pandemic.

Cipla support COVID-19 patients and healthcare ecosystem in India in multiple ways as the organization has supported the setting-up of a COVID- 19 24/7 testing laboratory at JJ Hospital at Mumbai in Maharastra that will benefit over 4,000 patients as well as the city’s only isolation ward for pediatric patients suspected of having COVID-19 at the BJ Wadia Hospital at Mumbai in Maharastrafor Children. The Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre in Pune continues to offer 24/7 care to patients and families during this challenging time.

Caring for the healthcare workforce

To safeguard frontline healthcare workers, the Company is supplying essential items like masks, PPE, gloves, and sanitizers to over 10,000 doctors, paramedics, and associated institutions including tertiary municipal and district hospitals.

Webinar series are also being organised through industry bodies like the Indian Chest Society, International Diabetes Federation to equip healthcare workers with necessary information on the pandemic.

The company is aiming to connect doctors and healthcare workers across India with the AIIMS and ICMR led knowledge network on COVID-19 through ECHO India-a technology-based knowledge-sharing platform, through its Foundation.

These online facilities, the first in India for the pandemic, will be set up at leading government and medical colleges.

Caring for the community

Cipla is providing essential supplies, such as medicines, PPEs, food packets, sanitizers, masks, and gloves to those engaged in essential services like the police and public transport operators as well as individuals living near the Company’s facilities.

Cipla Foundation continues to partner with organizations on the ground as well as with the local administration to reach those most in need.

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