5 Plants you must keep inside your home this Summer!

Are you looking for plants are can make your indoor aesthetic and appealing? You are at the right place! Even though there are numerous options to choose your indoor plants from, here are some of the best plants that can purify your house environment and give it an aesthetic appeal.

Snake Plant

One of the best indoor plants is the snake plant that is also known as Sansevieria. It is one of the easiest indoor plants that you can take care of. The snake plant is long and has upright leaves that are colour variegated. Snake plants can tolerate lowlights and infrequent watering and can still look fresh and green. Therefore, if you are looking for plants that can improve your indoor air quality and temperature regulation, then go for a snake plant.

Spider Plant

Spider plants can tolerate a variety of light conditions and are known for their thin and long leaves. The leaves of a spider plant arc gracefully on the edges of the container that they were put into. Spider plant gives a beautiful and aesthetic look in indoor regions because they produce small white flowers and baby spider plants. The baby spider plants can be propagated into creating new plants. You can place the spider plant inside your bedroom, your dining room, your kitchen and even near the entrance of your main gate.

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Peace Lily

Peace Lily is known to have glossy and dark green leaves along with aesthetic white flowers hose bloom for several weeks. These lilies can easily tolerate low to medium light shade. However, the plant prefers to be kept evenly moist which makes it a good choice for humid areas such as bathrooms. This plant tends to purify the air inside the bathrooms and its look helps to create a calming and relaxing environment.


Pothos is also known as Devil’s Ivy. It is a beautiful and popular indoor plant that has aesthetic trailing vines that a touch of green shades in any room. This indoor plant is easy to take care of, and it can thrive in lowlight conditions. Also, this plant does not require frequent watering.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also one of the plants that can thrive inside a house. It is an Ayurvedic herb that can easily add a beautiful look to your house. Not only this, you can use aloe vera for your skin and hair care. Since it is consumable, you can consume aloe vera for better health. Aloe vera can does not require frequent watering and it can survive low light conditions. However, you can still keep the plant in the sunlight for one day to ensure that its colour is not faded.

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