Salman Khan is angry on violators: Bhaag k jaoge kahan?

salman khan is angry

YD News | “Salman Khan is angry” | 2-minutes read

Actor Salman Khan is spending time with his family at his Panvel farmhouse during the lockdown. He is living there with his mother Salma Khan, sister Arpita and Alvira and their kids.

He is following guidelines of lockdown and quite active on social media to share his experience.

In his latest social media post, Salman has delivered a strong message in his own style. In this around 10-minutes video, Salman Khan is angry and giving a message against those who are violating the lockdown. And putting the lives of others at risk amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Maine unse kaha ki ye jo aapko mana kiya gaya tha karne ko wahi aapne kiya,”

Salman Khan started the video by sharing his experience of living in his farmhouse during the lockdown. And he also went on to reveal an incident about a man, who is living with him and his family in the farmhouse. That man took off his mask to talk to policemen when he was stopped by them on his way to get ration for the family. “Maine unse kaha ki ye jo aapko mana kiya gaya tha karne ko wahi aapne kiya,” Salman Khan said in the clip.

Salman Khan also talked about COVID-19 patients and said it is really “anti-human” and insensitive to not understand their pain.

In his message Salman also taken the reference of the government strict order to follow the lockdown rules. And he also slammed those who are violating the rules of lockdown.

“India ki aabadi ko kum karna chahte ho?”

Salman said that those who wish to kill their families should definitely step out. “India ki aabadi ko kum karna chahte ho? (You want to reduce the population of India?) Starting with your own family?” he said in the clip.

Salman then added: “Agar aap aese bahar nahi nikal rahe hote apne dost aur yaaron ke saath, toh policewaale aapke putto pe danda nahi maar rahe hote (If you weren’t going out with friends, police wouldn’t have hit with canes). 

He further added, Aapko kya lag raha hai, police waalon ko maza araha hai? (Do you think the police are enjoying it?).”

The actor also gave examples of those who are working at offices during the outbreak and urged his fans to never step out to get food and medical supplies without a mask and gloves.

Watch here full video that Salman Khan shared on his instagram account:

Ye kamaal hai! Doctors aur nurses apki jaan bachane k liye aaye aur aapne unhi par patthar barsa diya!” 

Talking about the doctors and policemen who are putting their lives at risk to stop the spread of coronavirus, Salman added: “Ye kamaal hai! Doctors aur nurses apki jaan bachane k liye aaye aur aapne unhi par patthar barsa diya! Jo corona se detect ho raha, wo hospital se bhag raha hai! Bhaag k jaoge kahan? Agar ye doctor initiative nahi lete aur police sadako par nahi utarti toh chand logo ki wajah se, jinke dimag mein chal raha hai ki unko nahi hoga, wo Hindustan ke aadhe logo ko leke chal baste (This is surprising! Doctors and nurses are trying to save your lives and you pelted stones on them! Those getting detected coronavirus positive, are running away from the hospital. Where will you run to? Which direction are you running to? If these doctors did not try to cure you or the police did not patrol the roads for you, then because of a few people, who think that they won’t get affected, many would have been killed).”

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The conclusion of the video shows that Salman Khan is angry with social media jokes too. As he talked about how poor people are struggling for food. And how because of a few “jokers,” the virus, which originated from China, is spreading like wildfire in India.

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